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Ki'ita Kaasta (k(eye)-ee-ta ka-aas-ta)

The Ki'ita Kaasta is the year-end celebration of Allurel. The name is derived from an old beastfolken term meaning "home-journey-end".


The Ki'ita Kaasta is one of Allurel's oldest celebrations, dating back to the time when the beastfolken alone walked the land. Marking time by the moons' journeys from full to new to full once more, the beastfolken began to commemorate each successful time the two moons both stood full in the sky. Over time, the other races of the world came to celebrate the event as well, though it wasn't until the elves truly got into the spirit that it became the continent-spanning celebration that it is today. Nowadays, the holiday has become so important to world society that to intentionally refuse to take part without good reason is tantamount to shunning your family and community. Such people will in turn be shunned by their communities for the entirety of the new year.


Though it started as a festival celebrating the moons returning home, Ki'ita Kaasta is now a full-day celebration of life and fulfilment. Traditional customs involve large, elaborate meals shared amongst family and the community, though different races have drastically different ideas of what that means.   Beastfolken traditions remain much the same as they started. Clans celebrate together wherever they happen to be on their nomadic journeys, with whoever is also there. Beastfolken feasts range from simple but large family affairs to huge gatherings of multiple clans. Though the day leading up to the full moons is cherished as part of the holiday, true celebrations don't commence until the sun sets and both moons have risen. To this day, beastfolken follow the ancient tradition of leaving nothing to waste. Any food remaining at the end of the night is burned in offering as the moons set. This tradition developed from the belief that the food would fill the moon' bellies to sustain them through their journeys in the new year.   Dwarven traditions capitalize on the family aspect of Ki'ita Kaasta. Clan leaders get together several weeks ahead of time to decide where that year's celebration will take place before sending out notice to every family member. Different clans sometimes race to send out notice ahead of others, as traditionally, family members who belong to multiple clans through marriage are obligated to join whichever clan invited them first. In places where there is a significant non-dwarf population, communal feasts occur as well.   Elven traditions are the most extravagant of all the races, yet also the most like ancient beastfolken traditions. As elves believe family and community are one and the same, their celebrations include their entire communities, and even visiting strangers are welcome to join in. Elves also believe that the entire day is to be celebrated, partying from sunrise of the last day of the old year to sunrise of the first day of the new year. They take the celebration of life to the extreme, celebrating with music and dancing and all manner of joyous activities. Like beastfolken, elves follow the tradition of leaving nothing wasted. They will generally donate their remaining food to the poor in their communities, sometimes donating to other communities as well. However, if there is no need for such donations nearby, elves offer the food to the moon as the beastfolken do.

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