Day of Father’s Star

A Faene Holiday to Celebrate the New Year

“Care to elaborate why so many eladrin, drow, nivallen, and even faraway lunadrin are climbing up on rooftops and spires, Mr. Dwindle?” Mr. Glenbrook asked.

“They are hoping to see their Grandest Father’s star, Lord Glenbrook. It’s a celebratory thing.”

The Trinian governor was baffled, “What’s so lovely about a star anyways?”

“It’s symbolic. Perhaps Trinidad would have better relations with us if you basked in the fun instead of questioning everything.”

Celebrating the Event

The following activities play out at night when the star appears and is officially announced by the elder of the settlement.

Games to Play

Blind Grab

Blind Grab is a fun game youngsters play. A taller kid or parent holds up an orb (a toy ball, mashed up clay, whatever spherical shape) hanging by a stick. Blindfolded participants then scramble around, hoping to grab the hanging orb. The winner who grabs it first is deemed Orrilius’ favorite child.

Taltreka Mapping

This fun mapping game is based off of Taltreka’s scheme to send a message to Orrilius from afar. The host goes around placing icons in a particular shape. Players go out and map based on the placement of those dots, drawing out what it could be. The first player to guess the shape correctly wins.

Traditional Events

Fire of Cleansing

This tradition on Day of the Father’s Star is about dedicating yourself for the better. The general superstition is that the larger the fire, the more likely you are to be rid of your burden. That’s why communities like to come together and host a massive fire pit. What you do is find a stick, preferably one that fell in the woods, or some writing. You then draw or carve out your frustrations, anger, and agitation onto the surface. Once ready, you then toss it into the fire.

Plant Parade

A favorite among Faene families in the Province of Regalia. Growers showcase the beauty and wonderment of various trees, bushes, and other foliage from the homeland of Elvarid. It’s also an opportunity for vendors to showcase the exotic fruit they produce as well.

Details of the Celebration


The Necromantic War long ago was a devastating fight the Arkonian Order nor their Coalition enemies won. Arkengrath may have been defeated but the cost to repel undead threats had done its damage. Misery and despair was merely status quo as the powers fumbled to get things back together.

A light shone down on Elvarid one day. A star had formed as Orrilius returned from his exile. The strange phenomenon entranced the elves and fey. It was an inspiration in their dark and plague-ridden home. The Grandest Father decreed that life could flourish once again should they all unify together and rebuild from the War. Like a massive force, the Faene were swift in looking to recover what was lost and rebuild what was destroyed. It was an Age of Restoration for all.

In the early Restoration Era years, the star above was always an inspiration for the fey and elves that they had decided to reset the clock and base the months on the seasons to make it easier for regrowth in general. Today, the star is a celebration to all the hard work the Faene had contributed. From pushing back the Wilting Disease to founding the Province of Regalia.


During the Day

Time during the day is meant to be more of a memorial. Elves of Regalia often head down to the graveyards in Wollow to mourn those they lost while those in the home of Elvarid often see to their province’s catacombs. Otherwise, preparations are then made for a mass gathering in their provincial capital.

At Night

The real fun is soon to kick in. Elves climb onto buildings and get whatever vantage point they can find to see better into the night sky. Because once the star of Orrilius is revealed, cheers are let out for the new year. Parties are held in various households with families and friends until morning comes around.


Fey and descendants of that lineage, like elves, usually celebrate the occasion. Followers of Orrilius also attend to support the Feydom and celebrate new life to come.

Settlement elders, such as matriarchs, patriarchs, counts, and such, lead their community in celebrations. They and their advisors look up into the night sky and officially announce when the star appears.

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