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Dance of the Fireflies

The Dance of the Fireflies Festival, often shortened to Fireflies Festival, takes place alongside a Solar Eclipse. It is a Nomadic Tradition, which inadvertedly derives from a Northern Draconic one


Nomads have no way of knowing when the next Solar Eclipse is going to come - all they have is the behavior of Wild Red Fireflies, hence the name of the festival. These creatures start coming out of their caves more often and at earlier stages of the days. The Nomadic Tribes have taken note of this behavior, and could not help but notice the relation to this and that everytime the moon appeared way too close to the sun


Once they notice the increasing prescence of the Reds, they begin preparing for the inevitable.

First, they begin building big, firefly-shaped torches to honor these animals - it is crucial that they are not reutilized every year lest they infuriate the beasts. Secondly, the teens of the tribe begin rehearsing an old dance from time immemorial, whilst the young adults are given the task of coming up with a new, short dance which they will showcase with their children should they have any.

Surprisingly enough, it is the teens who are trusted with the most important part: the main dance. It was the very first Nomadic Tribe that came up with it when they first witnessed a Solar Eclipse. While wearing headpieces, 6 of them dance in circles in perfect sync, while a 7th member wearing a crown dances in the center.

The dance starts simple, witht the 6 first dancers, who ultimately become the supporting cast, dance following the shape of a circle and around the 7th member, who performs much slower movements. At the very end, while the Fireflies gather around the dancers and fly around them, the 7th member is abandoned by their peers while they continue to perform their own dance. As the sun
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