Project: Amanic A world of tragedy and hope

Day 23, Month 4, Year 5057

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The world of Amanic is shattered in several ways.
For one, there's The Rift, which dominates the skies of the world. This anomaly has led to several wars and conflicts which only strengthened a social and cultural divide that had been building up since before The Rift.
But 5000 years have passed since the sky shattered, and humans have shifted their attention to other, more important matters...


Truthfully, the world is old, far older than humans can imagine. Across the ages and eras, humankind has been able to create and lead Empires, only for them to be forgotten to time, even by their own people...

Enter: Explorers. These esteemed people are constantly traveling around the world, trying to understand what the people of the past were like

This isn't just an average job - the desire for knowledge and adventure has moved humans since time immemorial, entire cultures spawning as a result of this


Divided into Natural Magic and Elemental Magic.

Natural Magic provides beings with the ability to manipulate this type of energy to achieve different goals
On the other hand, Elemental Magic can be used by someone only after a Dragon grants them this power. These users are far more powerful than those who only use Natural Magic, having access to a vast array of spells and techniques that they would otherwise not be able to unlock.


In a world where floating islands are common, and where humans have adapted to the changing levels of gravity around these places, it is only natural that they would long for their own ability to fly.

They came up with all sorts of artifacts that mimicked dragons, but they only ever came close to gliding...


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