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The World

A world of tragedy and hope

Written by Pierrot05

Official World Map
The official map of the Amanic world, brought by yours truly

The Rift

The Rift had taken over the sky a long time ago. So long ago, that anything depicting what the Old Sky looked like has long since been lost to time

Below the rift, everything is far more chaotic than the rest of the world, should that even be possible. Magic is even more erratic and the sky has a pale, dark shade of blue instead of the usual purple, though the stars look far better there
The folks of the world have since adapted to such strange conditions, but the Humans of these lands have not stopped reminiscing about a sky that isn't 'broken'

Flight and exploration

A new world is revealed

Yet, when the skies shattered, it felt as though the world had expanded once again; as if humanity had found new reasons to explore a world that it had outgrown so long ago...
— Unknown author
Because of what The Rift brought upon the Amanicae folk, everyone was thrown aback by how new everything was. New floating islands, weird ways to interact with magic and the sky no longer being a reliable source for guidance, the world had transformed into a new version of itself

While animals had to make slight changes to their migration routes, humans tried to find new ways to explore this young world, including flight
Most attempts to mimic dragons and birds have failed, yet humanity perseveres, and they're getting closer to their dreamed goal

The cultures of Amanic

Humans always find themselves in difficult situations. Whether it be loneliness, dragons or the feeling of being stuck in a rut, they always find more people who feel exactly like them. As such, they have slowly started to develop cultures. Though they were at first separated, they are now on their way to becoming a better, unified world.

Draconic Cultures

The very first time humans teamed up was when dragons made themselves a threatening species to them. While sometimes their first instinct may not have been the best, they soon grew to adore these beasts, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't somewhat reciprocated. Although the Time of the Ancient Dragons only lasted a few thousand years, it was more than enough for humans to understand just how powerful these creatures were.
Currently, this culture is a little more varied than the other two, being divided between three sub-cultures depending on the location: East, South and Northwest.
Draconic Chiefs by Pierrot

Nomadic Cultures

Because of what the Northwestern Draconic Villages' Coming of Age ritual entails, each year several tens of young adults are banished from their villages.
Flash forward around a hundred years, these people realized that, behold, they weren't so different after all. They started gathering and forming villages of their own. After several years of trial and error, they finally managed to settle down and become a prominent culture in Amanic, their grudges against Draconic Villages only existing among the oldest Tribes.
Nomadic Chiefs by Pierrot

The Merchants

Hundreds of years passed since the first Nomadic Tribe was founded, and humans were already starting to get bored of the nomadic lifestyle. Slowly, they began to stay longer in one spot, and each time they were more in love with the sedentary lifestyle. As a result, the first Trader towns began to be built.
The reason this culture was named 'Trader' was, well, because they were the first ones to massively carry out this practice. Whether it be with the Draconics or Nomads, or even other Trader Towns, this would permanently change how humans interacted with one another, and was, albeit inadvertently, the first step towards healing the relationship between the Draconic Villages and the Nomadic Tribes.
Trader Leaders by Pierrot


Created by Dragons, it is the energy all around the world. While the common folk have forgotten its ways, dragons are basically born knowing how to use it. These creatures spent thousands of years creating and polishing this force, and to this day are still perfecting its ways.
It bases itself on three principles: Emotion (which will be explored soon), Willpower and Peace of Mind.

The time came when it was divided into five elements, the bases of the world:

However, there is more to it; being such temperamental creatures, dragons decided it was best for magic to be split between two paths: Temperance and Nullified Emotions.


Because magic responds to emotions, some creatures use this to their advantage. Being able to keep one's emotions in check comes with many advantages, the most notable one being strengthened magic and spells. However, because the user allows themselves to, esentially, feel, their power of will could be greatly weakened by this.
Failing to walk the path of Temperance will result in the user becoming a Wroth

Nullified Emotions

For the same reasons stated before, some beings decide to alienate themselves from their own emotions altogether. This helps them strengthen their Willpower and, to some extent, Peace of Mind, but it also greatly weakens their magic and makes it less effective, which in turn translates into weak spells.
Failing to walk the path of Nullified Emotions is similar to failing the Temperance path; however, instead of becoming a wroth, they just lose their magic abilities, and they may be able to get them back, unlike the former

Freeman Pierrot05


Project: Amanic | Ko-fi | Twitter | My discord server
Actually, just 1.7 cats in a trenchcoat!


Table of Contents

About Project: Amanic:
Date of Creation:
July 2020
(In)Famous conflicts and crises:
The Rift Opening
Kolbein and Zhang's duel
The Dragon Slayers' War on Human and Dragonkind
Main cultures:
Trader or Merchant
Famous myths:
The Painter of Galaxies

It was created because I love art, and this is such a fantastic way of being creative
I'll start working on the map soon
— Pierrot, knowing all too well that they won't


  • The first name given to the world was 'Realm of Humankind'. That's because WA asked me to give my world a name because, without it, I would be able to create it.
  • Amanic used to be exclusively about the story; since the revamp, I am aiming at something a bit more ambitious, as I want the world to feel like it exists whether or not there is a story to tell.
  • Because dragons escaped their reality and created Amanic, they have a bit of control over the world's reality.
  • The last culture, the Traders, has existed for nearly seven thousand years.
  • It is unknown how The Rift appeared, but legend has it that it was a catastrophic event.
  • Given that dragons built the world, I guess you could say they builders

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Author's Notes

Special thanks
To everyone in #kiosko-de-paella, who have always had my back and supported me with this decision,
and to everyone who followed and supported this world, even when I didn't know what I was aiming for.

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Aaaaah this primer is perfect, you summarized everything in a very nice way with so many details! Also the format of the article looks very nice. The new layout of the world is fantastic, you made it look so unique!   I'm glad we helped you in some way hehe that's what friends do :3 I'm looking forward to reading more from the revamped Amanic

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Sorry if it took me a while to read it. Very nice world primer! Your world is going to reborn from it's ashes like a Phoenix!!! It will be a sight to behold at!

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Wow, this is absolutely amazing! It's all so nicely summarized. It reminds me how much of this world I still need and want to check out! :)

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