The Rift

The Rift occured a while ago; so long ago that no one remembers what it was like to have a clear sky
— Average Amanicae book

Ultimately, The Rift is what defines the world. Gravity, magic, species...all were unable to remain unbothered by the shattered sky.



Humanity had been growing at a steady rate for several years now; the Traders, an ever-changing culture, had become as important as their predecessors and were making promising advancements technology-wise. They were even starting to decipher magic!
And although 3 of the 5 Ancient Dragons had disappeared, magic was as strong as ever, if only mildly unstable.

However, because the Traders were starting to realize how magic worked, they started believing that they could find a way to force dragons to their will so that they will always have magic. This had led them to create the first Dragon Slayer groups, although secretly from the Draconic Villages

The sky shatters

And then, peace was no more.
As the moon reached its highest point, something changed all over the world. The sky hadn't shattered yet, but something was definitely thrown out of balance.
And then, it happened: the sky broke right above everyone's eyes.

It was a cataclysmic event which brought many other disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis, not to mention the new floating islands.
This lasted for a few hours. The natural disasters, that is. After such ordeal, everyone was devastated. The Trader Towns were the ones most obviously affected, given their architecture.

The following months: The Cultures

Not long after the sky shattered, all physical damage was starting to be worked out, and Magic Users
The earth rumbled, the seas rose and magic manifested itself in bright purple and green fog that covered entire continents
— An extract from the book 'Shattered Skies: Why Must It Be This Way?; exaggerations not modified
were still trying to seal the skies, but to no avail. This made people start to question the power of magic and, by extension, dragons.

Explorers and cartographers were quick to leave their homes behind in order to document this phenomenom. They wrote books and drew maps and told everyone about the strange feeling they got whenever they were just below the rift.
But most importantly, they spread the news of the cities being destroyed by the natural disasters that came with The Rift. This encouraged some Draconians to also leave their homes and help those who needed it.
Soon enough, the nomads followed suit, needing as much help as they were willing to provide.

The cultures expand

The Nomads started to migrate into the Trader Towns. Some Traders adopted their own version of the Nomadic traditions and some Draconians moved away from their homes.
To this day, this hasn't occured again - the cultures still remain separate, but their relationship has since strengthened

Consequences arised because of The Rift

Dragon Slayers' war on Human and Dragonkind

Following the opening of The Rift, as stated, the dragons' powers were being increasingly questioned and disregarded, allowing the Dragon Slayers to rise in popularity. This made them believe, rightfully so, that they, as humans, had the right to take over the world seeing how dragons failed to protect them. Long story short, the conflict lasted almost two decades and created yet another rift, although not a literal one, between those who supported the Dragon Slayers and those who still believed in the dragons' power.
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The Rift

Table of Contents

Date of Origin
Over 5000 years ago
All over the world, how impressive!
The Sky
The sky, or at least what remains of it, is of a beautiful pale, violet-ish blue which turns into a weak green when the sun sets. On rare occassions it turns orange or a bright purple

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The Padma Dynasty rises in power

A family that had previously been gifted the element of Earth, they were now rapidly increasing their popularity and becoming public figures, although they took a more passive role with matters that were related to The Rift.

Cultural impact

The merging of different cultures was a significant event. Sayings, myths and even clothing underwent changes and adapted to the new times. Ideologies clashed, yes, but they eventually morphed into the cultures known today.
Several songs were composed referring to The Rift, and to this day artists still create pictures depicting The Rift
Be as brave as the first Explorers of The Rift
— A common Trader saying

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I love the concept of floating islands, and never have the chance to explain them so I never write them. So, congratulations for that.   I like the feel of fairness in the fact that the most affected were the Traders... even though I'm not sure if the Rift was a consequence of their attempts to control dragons, or something else. And those towns.... I guess not everyone there was a Trader?   Don't mind me... I'm just starting too see this world.

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And yeah, traders were the ones most (visibly) affected by it; I'll expand on how it affected the other cultures in their respective articles

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I like the how you describe what the sky is like (what's left of it). Sounds like The Rift had a massive effect on the world.