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Flare Tiger

Not your average shiny animal

Elegant as if they were royalty
— Common saying
The Flare Tiger is a semi-magical species from the northern continents in Amanic. Their unique fur has made it victim from hunters and poachers alike, despite being so elusive
They have a distinct love for Amellow Flower dust, and this is thought to be the key to these creatures' taming

Their ears, while not as big as their ego, give them great listening capabilities. Their tail keeps them balanced, and enhances their magic should they be able to use it
On rare occassions, instead of sporting their usual blue fur with purple stripes, their fur will be black as a result of genetic mutation. This individuals, while better suited for stalking and hunting their prey, are a rare sight because of how uncommon this mutation is, on top of hunting


These animals were discovered rather recently; some say it was accidental, others claim it was the result of endless days waiting and following the ever-vague hints about its movements. I, have no idea
The researches describe that encounter as
[Being] encountered by a pair of glowing, green eyes which looked right into our own
— Scientific Journal
A Flare Tiger eye by the journalist
Accurately so: prior to the actual meeting, these animals were speculated to be confrontational, as they were led to believe by the tracks they left behind. Yet, staring right into the animal's eyes, they realized that
[They had been] led to believe the wrong thing. 'This animal wasn't aggressive', [they] thought, 'it's just...patient'
— Scientific journal
Despite the lack of physical confrontation, as the animal left soon afterwards, the people involved all describe it as 'very intense'

Wait, flowers?

It came as surprise to everyone that these creatures had such a weak spot. Indeed, they love Amellow Flowers, presumably because of their pleasant smell, but they love Amellow Flower dust even more
An Amellow flower by a passionate florist
This is where experts disagree, as there are several hypothesis as to why it is like so. Some say that the dust looks as interesting as the flowers smell, hence the cats' interest in it. Others suggest that it has a taste like nothing they could hunt for, and so when they come across a dying flower, they enjoy it as if it were a feast

Flare Tigers are considered to be mighty beasts, creatures of legend; the discovery of their admiration of the flower has caused some controversy in the scientific community, where the debate regarding taming the Flare Tigers has once again reopened

Element: Fire

If introduced to magic, Flare Tigers will most often prefer using fire skills, such as the Flare spell, hence the species name. The vines they can grow on their tail will most of the times have magic properties, which enhance the spell's effect

Since the species is so elusive, few times have they been seen using magic. Most of the times it will be a defense mechanism, where they will use the Flare spell to drive their attackers away. They have also been seen using it to distract their prey so as to make it easier to catch them
Flare Tiger
A wild Flare Tiger by Pierrot
Scientific Name
Flareus Tigris
Conservation Status
The species is under protection as it is considered to be endangered
Average Height
1 to 1.20m
Average Weight
Average Length
Head and body: 152 to 183cm Tail: 50 to 90cm
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The Flare Tiger's face is decorated by blueish purple stripes, which are far more delicate than the ones on their body
Preferred element


  • They are very good swimmers!
  • They hate climbing trees because it hurts their claws
  • If all else fails, a Flare Tiger will try to court another by offering a dying Amellow Flower
  • Their tail can grow little 'vines'. One grows each time they defeat another of their kind, and it shows their strength and dominance, a particularly interesting trait when mating
A male tries one last time by your resident animal lover

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Oct 9, 2021 20:29 by Time Bender

A good reminder that not just the Flare Tigers are endangered, but also our own tigers from Earth! A great article, as always, and the art is soothing as well. :D

Oct 9, 2021 22:15 by Pierrot

Thanks for the kind words! I try my best to raise awareness about these issues (:

Oct 14, 2021 05:45 by John Johnson

Did not expect the reminder that our own tigers are endangered. Also expected the tigers to shine or something, but them being able to use flare spells works too. Also if it says they have an ego, does that mean that they possess some intelligence ? Also could I tame one using a lot of flowers ? I wanna try. Otherwise nice article, with cool art !

Oct 14, 2021 21:31 by Pierrot

Thank you! I actually considered having their stripes glow in the dark or something, but figured it wouldn't make sense for a predator to have such...noticeable traits You could most definitely attempt to tame them with a bunch of flowers, but I recommend having a doctor nearby also