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The Night's Sun Festival

The lunar eclipse is nearly upon us! We must light every lantern and raise our voices high; draw the Titan's vengeful gaze around the entire world!
— Imladreth Vellain, Mayor of Blackthorn Dale
  Now, it is widely known that the Titan haunts the shadows of the world, full of hate and malice towards all the living things of Ior. This unknowable darkness, freed from what should have been an eternal prison, wages an endless war against the gods of light and life. Yet, Eanna and Aldanoc are still husband and wife. And even gods grow weary of war. So it falls to the mortal races of Ior to occasionally grant the sun goddess and the moon god reprieve by drawing the ire of the Titan away from the gods to allow them time to rest together.  

The Lunar Eclipse

The Night's Sun festival is a tradition that has existed for hundreds of years. It is not actually known when the celebration of the lunar eclipse began or how it became a near-global tradition. Yet, in nearly every town and city around Ior, during the lunar eclipse, the people celebrate the union of Eanna and Aldanoc.   It may have been believed, long ago, that the actual celestial spheres of the sun and moon were the physical forms of their respective deities. So when ancient people witnessed a lunar eclipse they may well have believed they were witnessing Eanna and Aldanoc in the physical world. Many likely were terrified as they saw the light of the full moon dim and turn red, praying for the return of the gods as the shadows lept to attack. So it was likely a literal interpretation of the eclipse coupled with the necessity of bringing light to the darkness that fuelled the popularity of the early festivals.   Not many people, these days, believe the sun and moon are the literal bodies of the gods, yet the remainder of their sacrifice as they shield the world from the Titan is most obvious when the lunar eclipse occurs. So the tradition remains firmly rooted in the many cultures of the mortal races all over Ior to celebrate the Night's Sun festival.  

Midnight sun

If there is one thing the people of Ior know, it is that danger and death await those who stray into the darkness. Tendrils of the Titan lurk where shadows are their deepest, especially at night. The shadows flee before the light and thus it follows that the Titan despises light in all its forms.   During the Night's Sun festival, the light of the moon is dimmed so celebrants light every candle, lantern, and arcane luminarch they possess. The intent is to make the night as bright as midday, confusing malicious spirits, and protecting mortals from the shadows. Though the eclipse may only last for a short time, it is not uncommon for the festival to last all night. In many places, bonfires are lit at sunset and burn until dawn.  

Celebration of Life

At some point, the Night's Sun tradition transformed into a proper festival. Rather than observing a stoic vigil of keeping their fires lit, the people of Ior took this opportunity to celebrate life.


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