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Third Orbitstide

Celebrated aboard Codai Majorus, Third Orbitstide is an event declared at the founding of the Codai Oligarchy. It's significance to the inhabitants of the superstation as a political and cultural event is primarily lost, although it does lead to many museums aboard the station allowing free admition to their exhibits on the station's history.   More notibly, the Planetarium hosts a show detailing the information surrounding the event itself.   The Meaning of the name comes from "Time of the Third Orbit". The station is built in a 3:1 resonance pattern with Laurel, a planet that was deeply important in providing the raw materials to construct the super-station. This means that every 3 revolutions around it's star, Laurel completes 1 orbit. The event celebrates, in particular, the alignment of the star, the station, and the planet.   There is a live broadcast from said planetarium, which features guest starrings from Station Celebrities (and, usually, one celebrity from another planet within Government Space.) as well as satalite visuals of the event in real time. In-depth talks into the physics involved in the resonance patterning, as well as station operations - and fun facts about the wider universe for the youth - take place during the show. The dome, which shows a direct view into the with overlays to simulate atmospheric conditions, to amplify starlight, or to project images over the sky itself) is also explored in detail - about how they keep the place running. This is mostly an advertising section, and is often skipped by watchers.   During the event, the Government will announce which levels of the station elected which representatives. Voting takes place several days prior, and the count process is completed hours prior.   Beyond it's cultural significane and historical importance, it is also the night that, every 3 years, the Adult Districts of the station see both record sales and record arrests. All efforts to curtail this violence have been met with failure, as increased police personnel simply results in increased rioting from some of the less.... respectable clientelle.   A popular cocktail during the event is "The Third Revolution" - 3 shots of any 3 liquours. A commonly heard phrase said to newbies at the event is to "Try the Tri".   At it's core, the festival is about starting a-new. Many think of it as "New Revolution's Eve, dialed up to 11". They are far from wrong.
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