A Shifter festival celebrating the new moon.  


Shifters have an antagonistic relationship with the moon. They can feel its presence in their minds growing in intensity the fuller the moon becomes until finally the full moon forces them into their animalistic forms. Additionally, when forcefully transformed Shifters may become consumed by a beastial rage, which is more likely the more connected the Shifter is to his animal side. The three days of the new moon, viewed as the absence of the the moon by Shifters, is the one time they cannot feel it presence. Most Shifters throughout Therrmordia have some sort of celebration during the new moon. For the Shifter tribes of Uthrangir, that celebration is Semorkier.  


Semorkier takes place on the second night of the new moon, which is also the first day of the month in the Shifter's lunar calendar. It is an all night event split into two distinct sections. Semorkier begins with a feast celebrating The Shadowed One, known to the Uthrangiran Shifters as Morarmorkk, and her overcoming the moon, banishing it's light from the night. Songs of praise and thanksgiving are sung, and massive howls echo through the night. The songs are interspersed with short tales of Moramorkk's deeds and how she has assisted her children.   After midnight events take on a more somber feel, as things shift from celebration of a past victory to petitions for future aid. Shifters recite litanies asking Morarmorkk to make the moon's absence permanent, begging her to complete her victory over Maanlur. The night ends with offerings to Moramorkk, aiming to strengthen her for the struggles to come. As dawn break Shifters release one last howl to their mother and begin their day.


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