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Passing of Heaven

A ceremony preformed by the inhabitants of the Tower, as heaven passes over. The Angels don;t seem to care, but this is the one thing that unites the Higher Creations and Various Creations. However it frowned upon by other gruops, as the superstition around the building point of the Toer is not helped by a ritual that creates a Higher with Angel blood stained hands.


Beginning in the year of 53, it began when Higher Creations noticed they could track the passing of Heaven from the tip of the The Tower. And that it would pass directly over head three months. With this, the Higher starrted to create a Seal that would create a large Higher with it's hands spread, drenched in the blood of the Angels. This eventully expanded to the Various Creations, and they started to send their brass to bring offerings two the seal created Higher. This became custom for those within the Tower.


Once Heaven passes over the Seal, the illusion triggers, creating a Higher Creation, with his hands out stretched and drenched in Angel blood. Then the top six brass of the Various Creations approach in single file, carrying six items to be offered. Once Heaven passes, the items are put on each of the six illusion points, where they are burned in the next passing. The Highers then chant the creed of the Empire of the Son into sky.

Components and tools

The six items are often Iron trinkets, or Angel feathers. They are meant as food for the next time the Higher Creation appeared. The materials sometimes include a Sea Serpent scale. It is thought that if a item is not valuable enough the Tower will collapse out of the rage of the Higher. Though what is "valuble", varies from passing to passing.
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