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Festival of Lost Heavens

There is no night sky in the Churning World, but that doesn’t mean the people within it have entirely forgotten the vast expanses of stars and planets that they knew for the many thousands of years before arriving in it. The Festival of Lost Heavens is a celebration that happens at the end of every year in which the many communities of the Churning World will gather together and share stories about the sea of stars that their ancestors once looked upon many centuries ago. The festival usually begins at dusk when the Solar Beam that illuminates the Churning World dims and night begins. People set up various booths and stalls where they sell moon and star themed food items such as cookies shaped like crescents and little cakes in the shape of stars that the people of the world have never seen with their own eyes. Some people sell artistic crafts with painted skies on pots and canvases to illustrate what the lost heavens might have looked like while others set up games with a celestial theme for children to play so they do not get bored.   Once night has finally set the community gathers around and sets up a large bonfire that will become the stage for the evening. Scholars who have studied the Old World will stand up and share old stories from a time before the gods. Mostly old fables and legends of heroes who wrestled the moon or caught a falling star. Humans especially love to tell stories of their lost civilization’s greatest achievements; having build ships of their own that let them sail through the heavens themselves and walk upon the moon itself.   The Festival of Lost Heavens is a time of remembering the past as well as celebrating the now. It is a great exchange of information between the community’s scholars and the younger generations who otherwise might grow up never knowing of the sheer majesty of a night sky dotted with stars and dominated by a great, silver moon looming high above the world itself.

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