The following document consists in two advertisement flyers. Each of these contains a few contextual information at its end.  

Are you ready for the Surge?

  Old Ones around the world have announced it several times over the year: after nine years of waiting, a new Surge is coming this summer. Once again, plants will grow, beasts will breed. And once again, reality will be blurred.   Brace yourself, and prepare for long and historic celebrations! Join your fellows in a spiritual hike; Dance in circle to elevate the ground; Finally understand what a peer is thinking!   Festivities are to be organized in nomadic outposts all around your region. Should you want to join, you'd just have to listen: not with your ears, obviously, but with your head. Follow the sounds in you mind, and you will find us.   The Surge is a sacred event of nature's rejunevation & empowerment. It is meant to be a moment of bliss and spiritual trance, not a moment of anger and violence. We nomads living in the Middish Plains strongly condemn any and all assault toward cities and urban environments. They are facing their demons, and should be left in peace.  
— This flyer seemingly appeared out of thin air in front of houses in the Middish countryside during the summer 5541. No one remember seeing it distributed, nor remember making it. Some say they turned their head away for a second, and it was just here.

What is the Surge? And what should you do to be safe?

  It has been announced: once again, a Surge is coming to plague the summer. Once again, the Consciousness flux, that ocean of pure awareness and interaction, will greatly increase in volume. Reality will blur: not even the strength and protection given from the number of us citizens will be enough to prevent that.  

What the Surge is

  Also called the Long Wave, the Surge is a major disturbance in the Cylinder's average Consciousness Flux. It happens semi-regularly in the warm season, between every seven and every thirteen years. Although it happens everywhere in the Cylinder, the phenomenon is not triggered at the same time from one region to another.   During the Surge, paranormal manifestations that typically are unstable in cities are prone to appear. Various spiritual parasites and diseases are able to spread, often causing mass hysteria. For individuals, this may represent itself through symptoms such as hallucinations, supernatural encounters, loss of the sense of self, and more.  

What you should do

  The Surge is dangerous for urban denizens on several grounds. Because they lack the mental training required to resist parasites, they are at a high psychological risk. It is not uncommon for several city inhabitant to find themselves completely changed after a Surge: their consciousness may have been removed and replaced by something else, or they may have partly fused with unwanted parasites or other minds. In order to avoid such issues, it is best advised for city-dwellers to remain isolated during a Surge event. Citizens are urged to do their best to spend long periods meditating, centering on themselves to avoid feeling or parasiting other people unwittingly. If communication with other people is unavoidable, it is best to keep such to communication to a limit, and to keep it exclusively verbal even when it seems possible to communicate mentally.   In addition to these spiritual dangers, citizens are advised to remain physically prepared. During Surge events, nomads and other barbaric peoples are at the height of their power. With enough communication with each other, and enough dedicated anger, a handful of people can destroy an entire city. It is also common for raiders to invade and ransack cities during that time. So as to avoid that, it is best to remain fit to fight or to hide at any given time.   Finally, it may seem tempting for rural inhabitants and farmers to partake in the pagan festivities conducted by the Surge. After all, peasants are accustomed to mental parasites, and can withstand them better than other citizens. Still, it should be reminded that any and all festive ritual is strictly forbidden during the Surge. Members of the city-state found guilty of participation to such rituals will be found, and punished accordingly after the phenomenon ends.  
— Communication delivered at the dawn of the 5541 Surge by the city-state of Millerfort to all its inhabitants through journals, information pannels, and street screamers.

Cover image: by Pouaseuille


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