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The Glorious Celestial Sisters Festival

"Without the Sisters there would be no light in the night. With no light in the night evil would roam free. With evil free the Isles would flood with blood. Thank the cosmos for the Second Cycle. Dance the dances, marry your neighbour two times over and plant the seeds for the new season. Bury the hate and respect the peace, find a lover, let the shining Moons teach this lesson."
Feralese Bard chanting a popular snipet for the Festival of the Moons.
  A traditionnal Feralese festival worshipping the Moons for good harvest, fertility, and peace. Its celebrations occur three times per year during the Spring, when the two moons hover in fullness above the land. Each time the celestial bodies are aligned must commence three days of dancing, working the fields, and bonding until the next period where the Moons are at their brightest.


The Moons Festival is inspired by ancient beliefs that are said to date back in the Old World, where it's solitary Moon was already a typical object of worship. The early days Feralese noticing a second one in the sky upon their First Sending in the sky inspired quite a mythos. The fact that the moon cycles had a slight effect on their new animal-like bodies only exacerbating the assumptions.   Whatever the case, a form of Moon Festival reappeared throughout the Isles once the settlers managed to get a semi-functionnal form of agriculture going. As time passed and exchanges between tribes became more frequent, a painful unification of the dates took place and has settled into the form we know nowadays.


Families, friends, neighbors and warriors all participate in the preparations for the festivities. The village chiefs or tribe elders select overseers for the festivities and can even invite people of import from other tribes such as bards, religious figures, or important political figures. The latter can in return invite back their host to have the next festivities at their own settlements.
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