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Old World

Shared Origin of Every Soul

"What were you in the Before?"
"Your average shepard... You?"
"Heh... Your average Baron... But I guess my brother inherited the title by now, if he's still there..."

First Sent discussing around a bonfire.
  The land left behind by the Sent when they were reborn on Orbido. A blue planet who advanced through the ages, seeing countless peoples pass by. It is impossible to know what is happening in the Old World, only speculations.   Referred to a lot in the early days of Orbidian civilisations, where First Sent told stories of who they were "in the Before" and how they died there.


According to mathematicians and philosophers who survived to relay their notes, the Old World was a sphere. Calculations detailed how this sphere had a length of about 200 000 stadiums, though none had explored enough to tell wht the proportions of the lands were, be they sea or land. Familiarity about Old World geography greatly helped studying that of Orbido when exploring this new and treacherous land.

Fauna & Flora

The entire Fauna of Earth is considered by many First Sent to have been downright docile compared to the magical horrors of Orbidian wildlife. The flora on the other end wasn't as bountiful or tasty in terms of fruits, veggies and other valuable harvests.


Some texts describe this lost Earth as being millenias old. Though it was still uncertain. It is impossible to know for sure now that the population of Orbido is stuck in their new beginning. However, should a Sent from a further point in time come to Orbido, perhaps some mysteries may be solved.


As the Old World is innaccessible to all, the only tourists there are the hopes of dreams of those who long to return to their lost lives, and those who wish for a simpler more peaceful existence.
Alternative Name(s)
The Before, Gaia, Earth

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