The Awakened Death

Twice a year, the Children of Life and Death host the Awakened Death as a way to honor the cycle of life. As one of Tarantellia's moons reaches its apex, the other hides away. It's said the moons tell the story of Life and Death, the ebb and flow of magic, and the necromantic deity, Basi.   The Children of Life and Death and their sub organizations, the Keepers of the Prophecy and the Sect of the Spider Crushers, participate in the Awakened Death festival. Everyone is welcome although followers of Malmi are treated with extra attention in a feeble effort to influence their religious allegiances. As such, many followers of Malmi keep their distance.   Most tarants, outside of the Children of Life and Death, believe the sentiment is nice enough but otherwise pay the festival no mind.  The idea that Basi could have more power than Malmi does not seem fathomable.  Many tarants don't believe Basi existed in any real way.


Centuries ago, the Tome of Life and Death was stolen.  The loss of this holy book and grimoire caused much distress for  the Children of Life and Death, the Keepers of the Prophecy, and the tarants they helped during unusual times. The elders who lead the Children of Life and Death decided to start this festival as a reminder that nature finds a way to balance and center manufactured chaos.

What's in a Name?

The term "Awakened Death" comes from the idea that life and death are intertwined. They may be opposite in nature but they are two parts of the same coin. This event acts as a reminder that life exists on a spectrum. The Full Moon, bright and beckoning, represents life and her abundant promises. The New Moon, hidden and resting, represents loss and the invisible nature of death.
Still Weaving by Self

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