Sect of the Spider Crushers

The Sect of the Spider Crushers is a small cult-like organization within the Children of Life and Death, a religious order that honors the necromancing deity, Basi, over the universally beloved spider goddess, Malmi.   The Spider Crushers often work in the shadows, manipulating and controlling people in their sphere of influence. Even with connections to the church and people in power on the Claw Continent, there are no known members.  


A point of interest - and a common debate - amongst the Keepers of the Prophecy is the importance of action versus intention in faith and religious practices.   To the Children of Life and Death, Basi is known for their value of natural equilibrium and their propensity for chaos. Healing and pain are two parts of the same coin, as are life and death.   Meanwhile, Malmi values control and her ability to manipulate the world around her. She seeks comfort in manufactured stability and prefers explosive controlled chaos to the unknown future.   The Sect of the Spider Crushers claim to seek the Rise of Basi and desire a life of natural balance in life & death, growth & decay, health & necrosis, creation & destruction, and balance & chaos. However, the Spider Crushers go about Basi's return through calculated machinations. They push and pull the strings of the world and weave it back according to their will, all the while touting the name of Basi.   All of these discussions usually cycle back to the lost Tome of Life and Death, the Children of Life and Death's holy book and Basilic Grimoire. More specifically, the Keepers of the Prophecy ruminate on how the Spider Crushers stole the tome from their ancestors' watchful eyes centuries ago.   From here, the discussion typically devolves further into speculation of the book's whereabouts and what the Spider Crushers have done with it.
Still Weaving by Self


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Do they understand Basilic? No. Few do.
Last known organization with access to the Tome of Life and Death
T of L & D: How it was stolen. Who was involved. What were their plans.
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