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Umber Shadow Festivities {English}

A whole day to celebrate the shadow of Umber. I could listen to the music that appeases the Watcher for a whole year for how soothing it is. The Demons show themselves to be not all evil in several ways.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Umber's constant presence in several different shapes across the sky have sparked traditions that have faded and gone forgotten probably numerous times. The Shadow Festival, or Shadow Fest for short, is a long-standing tradition in Nekuram and various similar traditions exist in several parts of Telamirein. When the shadow of the moon falls it brings the God Umberem closer to his followers and rather to fear it, Necur have a celebration with soothing music and storytelling about the God on Umber. There is also the tales of Krakros and Umberem's relationship, how it came to be and how fearful you should be of angering either God or their aspect.


Nekuram has several different types of festivities called "fèiseans", one of the most notable is the Shadow Festival that is celebrated all over central Nekuram. In the beginning, it was a time of fear for not understanding why the sun disappeared twice a year, having the large moons covering the sun's light and making the day to night for a half-hour or less. To make the sun come back, the old Nekurians played harmonising music in hopes of Umberem, the God of the moon, would hear them and speed up the process. This continued until the sun came back once more!
The time of fear, however, is long over as the regularity of the shadowing has been understood and schoolers and wisemen have been listened to. The festivities remained as a storytelling day and to play the festivity music of harmony and soothing.

Components and tools

Several musical instruments are used, the Cuir fòn, drums and harp. These combined create music that soothes the ear for many, even Humans agree that it is so. Many peddlers take the opportunity to set up shop with their wagons and sell Umber related items, for example, a crescent Umber over the sun and talismans to Umberem.

Similar Celebrations in Telamirein

Humanity has similar gatherings to the Shadow Festival. One of them is the Darkest Day, where schoolers observe the phenomenon and gather together in enlightening discussion in the Telar capital of Telahem. Another is the celebration with the same name among the commoners in the kingdoms of Telaron, Ravero and Nilaminra. This celebration is more inclined towards the fear of Umber not moving away from the sun and thus sacrifices related to Umberem and Nilari are made.
Celebration Time
During eclipses of the sun by the moon Umber.
One day
Type of Festivities
Celebration/observance of the moon's passage. Festivities involve mainly storytelling related to the moon and various Gods and musical performances of soft music.

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9 Jul, 2021 03:01

This is a wonderful festival. I like how humanity has their own celebration too. So even though they are enemies, they still see the same moon and still witness the same eclipse. Storytelling is always a key event in festivals.

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