Rockpile Gathering

The Rockpile is a grouping of asteroids that have been pulled from their orbits around their respective suns and have stabilized in an area of gravitic equilibrium inside of the four suns of the Dalkit 422 System . There are many theories of how the asteroids have "gathered". Some say it was a wandering planet that was pulled apart by the gravity of the four suns. Others think it is asteroids that have departed from their orbits around one of the suns.    The Gathering is a celebration of asteroid mining in the Dalkit 422 System. It is a way for the miners to get together and celebrate in a relatively safe environment, exchange information, catch up with friends who have moved on, choose new employment, and just a reason to get notoriously drunk.    At the Last Call there is a type of fireworks display consisting of mining lasers and other weapons destroying or creating fiery ends of some of the asteroids. Safety is paramount, but the display is usually quite good and visitors are impressed.


No one really knows when the Gathering started. Most believe since there does not seem to be records of an earliest gathering, it must have been sometime before the Gap.


The First Call or Call for the Gathering is made by a retired miner who is selected by a vote at the end of the previous Gathering. He or she will set the date with the Gathering usually taking place over an approximate one week period, one day, the Last Call is designated as the day of celebration.


Attended mostly by those who mine the belts, the celebrations incorporate the pilots and crew of the ships that support and transport the miners.


The Gathering is observed every three standard years. There is no astronomical or geological significance.


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