Moondance Festival

The Moondance Festival is a rare day of respite and celebration for the Dhyllie fae of Clan Thow. As the name suggests, the festivities involve dancing, singing, music, and general merriment.


As the Thow Pit got higher, and the floor receded deeper into the earth thanks to the digging of the Thowans, it became more and more difficult for the moon to shine into the pit as its light was often blocked by the walls. As the Thowans, and indeed all dhyllie, have an innate affinity for the moon, this sad state of the affairs was as upsetting as it was inevitable and unresolvable. There were however, two days every year when the moon shone straight down into the Thow Pit, bathing every last nook and cranny in its pale silvery light, and as the years wore on, these days gained more and more significance to the Thowans.   It's not known when, exactly, the first Moondance Festival was celebrated, only that it was a joy for the Thowans who pledged to celebrate it every year thereafter.

Components and tools

Pwridd Rwod or "sweetroot spirit" is a special type of alcoholic spirit brewed specifically for Moondance Festival celebrations. Thick roots dug up from the pit are boiled, mashed, fermented, and distilled before being sealed in thow barrels to age for between six months and 20 years.


The Thow Pit exists in a self-contained shard of the Wyldrysc where the moon's path across the sky changes over the course of the year. Because of this, the moon shines direcftly into the Thow Pit only twice every year. These days mark the days of observation of the Moondance Festival.
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