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Prompt 10: Red Moon Harvest

When the moon turns red it is time to make ones offering to the spirits. Any who reap of the lands resources owes a debt and sacrifice to the spirits that maintain it's growth. With out it the spirits will take actions and replenish the land with the only way they know how. With the blood of those who dishonor the old ways.
    The Red Moon Harvest is a festival that occurs every couple of years when the moon turns red. Sometimes known as the Blood Harvest, this event is a combination of a harvest festival and a sacrifice ritual to the spirits. When a red moon nears farmers, hunters, and gathers of natural resources will bring a gift to the spirits of the land.   In the past when the festival wasn't performed it lead to great disasters as the spirits would become enraged and unleash their fury on those who take from the land with out honoring the spirits. This lead to the spirits performing their own harvest of a kind.   So far many across the land honors this festival and do their best to calm the spirits so that they don't reap their own rewards. Though their has been growing sentiment to put away the old ways in the city of Salire.


The Red Moon Harvest is said to begin with some of the older human tribes who use to bring gifts to a great spirit who maintained the land they called home. When one of the tribes decided not to perform the festival they were wiped from existence only leaving a few survivors who actual paid tribute to the spirit.   Thus all humans tend to follow this ritual both for the memory of the lost and to make sure they don't anger the spirit that once wiped out the majority of one tribe.

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