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Midsummer Festival

While Traeliorn 4, Engarthiel is the Summer Equinox, it is not truly regarded as Midsummer. Instead, most cultures hold a Midsummer Festival in the second week of Engarthiel, focused around Taeral 16. While some major cities hold week long festivals and others merely party the day of, Midsummer Festival always includes, and reaches its zenith, on the night of Taeral 16. This is the single brightest full moon of the year, when Luna is closest to Emaxus and shines as brightly as a small star. In temperate zones, the brightness is noticeable but negligible to a normal full moon (yet celebrated all the same), while in alpine zones like Aasveig, night becomes nearly as bright as day for Taeral 16.

Different Festivals for Different People

Midsummer Festival is celebrated in different fashions all across Emaxus. Imperials prefer a week-long festival, celebrated with a brutal lust for life and all the raw experiences it offers. Imperials get exceptionally drunk, exceptionally high, and take part in whatever various endeavors they desire, from sex to gladiatorial combat. Meanwhile, Ioturans prefer a day-long celebration, in which there are feasts, arcane displays, and religious festivals throughout the major cities. The Maor of Aasveig often celebrate with their family and clan, feasting, drinking, and celebrating till morning.

Elven Holidays

Midsummer Festivals are exceptionally rambunctious in elven cities, where the elves celebrate the full beauty of Luna, the Older Sister. Fey enchantments are woven through the wind, and rich wines and foods are brought out for this one occasion. They have especially jubilant festivals every twenty to thirty years, lining it up with whenever elven astronomers and arcanists determine the full moon will be even more brilliant. In fact, it is not uncommon for elves to devote the entirety of Engarthiel to the Midsummer Festival on these years, beginning on the Summer Equinox, climaxing on Taeral 16, and winding down up until Elendiir 30.


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