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Week of Light

About once each twentieth year, during the height of summer, the sun shines much brighter then usual. While being cherished in some places it also leaves plants dried out.   The northern elves calls this week the "Week of Light".


So long as history remembers once every twenty years or so the sun shines very bright for one of the summers week. What is know known as the Week of Light begun around year 1000 BP on the eastern shore of Elvenhomn. The week was celebrated with sunbathing, drinking and eating a lot of good food. Due to the extreme heat it was also a period mostly without work. While there was no dancing nor play swimming was a common activity during the week.   With time the tradition spread inlands. Swimming in the ocean was exchanged for lake swims of just cooling of in a river together. In areas which had large enough bodies of water different water sports begun to take form. Fast swim, synchronized swim and water polo are just some of the sports competed in in various towns. Normal summers the same competitions were also held, to keep the tradition, but it was the Week of Light competition that held glory and fame.   What has once been a ceremony to celebrate the sun, in its most simple form, became a holiday in honor of Fire and Water and the divinities associated with those elements. At the same time (around 600 BP) two key figures appeared, the Lady of Sun and the Lord of Ocean. The original Lady and Lord were a pair of highstanding elven mages. In a centruary all elven towns had a Lady of the Sun and Lord of the Ocean of their own.


The Lady of the Sun and the Lord of the Ocean are, since about 500 BP, the two people who hold leadership under the Week of Light. Commonly the best female fire mage and male water mage to be the Lord and Lady. It is a great honour to be chosen and brings with many opportunities in the future.   Their role is to commence the celebration by a speech during the first day, and then making sure that the festivities continue as planned during the rest of the week. While their magical proficiency is normally not needed it has been of great importance on some occasions. A few elementals have run amok. High tides, extreme winds, dried harvests and forest fires are some occasional dangers that have been tackled by the Lady and Lord.
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