Kore'a Vast

Kore's Night

We pray that she continues to shine her light down upon us, and that she generously grants us her protection for the year to come. Lady of the moon, keep watch over us all.
— Clan elder
Kore'a Vast (translated as Kore's Night) is a Koushan Mai festival celebrating the goddess of the moon, Kore. It takes place at night in the middle of summer on the full moon closest to the longest day of the year.  


Each clan has their own gathering place for this festival, usually a clearing in the forest where the moonlight can fall unhindered. As the sun sets, the clan gathers with joviality .   As the moon rises, hush falls, the only sounds coming from the surrounding trees and children too young to understand. The clearing becomes bathed in moonlight, silver and shadows dancing over the ground. The eldest clan member calls out a prayer to Kore. Afterwards, the Koushan Mai strip off all their clothes, parents helping children, until all are naked under the light of the moon.
  The next few hours are spent singing, telling stories, and sitting in quiet contemplation. They believe that by being naked they are soaking in Kore's blessing and that will help keep them safe over the next year. It is important to note that nakedness amongst the Koushan Mai is not inherently sexual; in fact, sexual activity during Kore'a Vast is seen as vulgar and as detracting from the solemnity of the night.

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