The Days of the Sister

The biggest and brightest festival and is older than the city and possible the migration itself, it definitely happened within the early days of civilisation on the eastern continent, when records were kept. Was it just one group that started it and it filtered into the rest of the community or something that was brought from their ancient home we may never know. Maybe that is something the great expedition will uncover.   The Days of the Sister is the week period that the Sister Star passes by Bavan in its cosmic travels, every 43 years and 95 days it appears in the sky as bright Purple star and over the course of the next 15 days it spins round the world and fly’s back beyond the sun in the sky. Its called the sister as for 5 days it is as bright as the Sun in the sky and is called the sister of the sun.   The festival is a week long holiday for majority of the city folk and no trade or big business takes place within that time, Restaurants, inns and other hospitality business stay business and activity but all staff are expected to have time other within the week to celebrate the coming of the Sister.   There is pretty much a constant party atmosphere across the city during these days. Alcohol and food is consumed in massive amounts. Along with Music and dancing in many forms across the wards of the cities, its one of the festivals where visitors really realise just how much the city is a melting pot of many cultures, species and believes. As everyone from any belief and culture takes part in the Days of the Sister as it’s a none religious festival and just time to be thankful and proud that you a citizen of the City.   Many districts put on elaborate shows of lights, fireworks and parades to compete with each other for the attention of the people of the city and those that travelled for the sight of the Sister.


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