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The Lunar Festivals of Sagadorm {WASC 2021}

The four moons of Sagadorm form the basis of the lunar calendar established by the fairy council. These four moons, each representing a different element and a follow a different orbit. These moons are Lunaura (Air), Lunignis (Fire), Lunterra (Earth), and Lunaqua (Water).

There are sixteen months within the lunar calendar. Each month has a primary and a secondary element as its focus. Each of the countries across the globe also has a pair of elements as their focus. High significance is placed on the months where their elements match the country's elements.

During the matching months, there are festivals based on local tradition. The festival celebrated varies for each country. There are planting festivals in the spring; there are harvesting festivals in the autumn; there are many different reasons for all of the seasons in between.

"I come to invite you and your daughter to the embassy. The Zhatva harvest festivals of Veterzemlya are this month. On the last Caelis of the month, we will have a grand feast and would like to have you and your daughter as guests of honor."
— Excerpt from "The Rangers Revenge"

While there is a celebratory spirit for the entire month, the festivals occur on specific days based on the lunar calendar.

There are four days in the calendars week, commonly known as a quad, one for each moon. The days of the week are named after the four Celestial Dragons who died and had their bodies petrified to become the moons. The days are Caelis (Caelic the Air Dragon), Phenis (Phenic the Fire Dragon), Petris (Petric the Earth Dragon), and Hydris (Hydronic the Water Dragon).

The day of the week the festival is held matches the primary element of the country and month.

For example, Veterzemlya has the Zhatva harvest festivals during the month of "Sovilun," which is the third month of the calendar. The celebrations traditionally last all month long, emphasizing the day of the quad that correlates to the primary element. The largest of the festivals is on the day during the last quad.

The following table provides the details about the months, days of the week, and elements related to each of the countries of Sagadorm.

Months Day Creature Element Sub Element Country Festival Name Type
Karalun Caelis Raven Air Air Mizukasai
Nashlun Caelis "Dragon (Amphiptere)" Air Fire Niyolkho
Sovilun Caelis Owl Air Earth Veterzemlya Zhatva Harvest
Moulun Caelis Gull Air Water Ileduvent
Eanlun Phenis "Wyvern (Phoenix)" Fire Air Al-Riyah Harq
Gharlun Phenis Horned Viper Fire Fire Kurunagh
Mirlun Phenis (Lizard) Komodo Dragon Fire Earth Eshadama
Kasilun Phenis Barracuda Fire Water Al-Nahura Harq
Coulun Petris Cougar Earth Air Grundynge
Louvlun Petris Lion Earth Fire Erdenfeuer
Kalun Petris Wolf Earth Earth Subterranean
Salalun Petris "Urodela (Salamander)" Earth Water Yitonlimnon
Delflun Hydris Dolphin Water Air Rikenvatten
Kaulun Hydris Eel Water Fire Motuahi
Xianglun Hydris Hydra Water Earth Chienhu
Podilun Hydris Octopus Water Water Trilenius


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