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The Star Festival


The Star Festival is though to date to some time just before the ending of the First Era. Observed only by a few villages and town in the western fringes of the elven kingdom of Tarminas, it is thought to be a semi-historical re-enactment of the creation of the Blasted Weald, a legend moderately popular in the region.


Though historical accounts of the festival portray a more serious and somber affair, the modern incarnation is a much more relaxed celebration. Families, or groups of families, gather to eat a generally light meal, and generally celebrate with one another. The food selection, though varied, is more valued based on artistry and quality as opposed to quantity, leading to small portions.    The centerpiece of the festival comes after nightfall, when the sky is as dark as it can be. The starslinger, generally the oldest martially capable participant, will throw, shoot, sling, or otherwise propel a magically enchanted object, often a ball, into the night sky. As it falls, the enchantment will make it shine brightly, like a falling star. Other participants, often children and adolescents, then attempt to catch the shining object. It is told that whomever catches the star will receive uncommonly good luck for the next year.


The only role in the Star Festival is that of the starslinger. A position of high honor, it is generally bestowed on the oldest member of the group still in good physical health. It is their job to propel the 'star' into the sky to re-enact the origin of the festival.


The Star Festival takes place annually during the night of the new moon closest to the height of summer.   In the rare instance that the  Night Lilly, a comet that appears somewhat regularly about once every 500 years, is in the nights sky, the festivals are especially splendid, almost decadent by elvish standards.
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