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Lunar March


The tradition of the Lunar March began after the world had drowned. Coastal cities and villages began setting up candles outside their homes and on streets for more light during the new moon. People came to believe that lighting these candles gave light back to the moon. So starting with the night of the new moon, candles would be lit every night until the night of the full moon. During the full moon, people would not light the candles to drain the light from the moon until the new moon when the candles would light again. Over time, people eventually understood that the moon waxed and waned of its own accord, but the tradition continued. The first night of lighting the candles, the people would gather while the lights were being lit. As the streetlights were lit people began to parade through the streets during this time. Musicians would play music and artists came to decorate the streets themselves with chalk designs. Visitors to the region took these practices back to their homes and the parade spread, thus resulting in the widespread practice of the Lunar March.

Components and tools

As the march became more official and widespread, settlements placed fixed candle holders that were tall enough to been seen but short enough that people could easily light the candles held by them. These holders would have space for a single candle each and were erected along streets and in front of private homes. In recent times, most settlements also had some sort of plaza with a stage in a central area for people to gather in at the end of the march.


Community members light the candles in front of their own homes as their contribution to the festival. In public spaces, prominant members of the community would lead the march and light the candles as they paraded through the streets. These people would be selected by the community leaders in the month prior. During the march, folks would gather in intersections and plazas to dance and play music and generally celebrate in the candlelight. Settlement leaders began to use this time to give positive news or announcements to the community and any children born in that month were also celebrated rather than having individual observances.

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5 Jul, 2021 13:19

Nice article with an interesting history as to why it started. The texts are not too long between the headers so that is already nice to make it more readable :) One thing I noticed is that you are not using the sidebar so you could remove that. In case you don't know this can be found in the sections, sidebar sections part of editing your article :)

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Thank you! I didn't know the thing about the sidebar. I appreciate you taking the time to read it. :)

5 Jul, 2021 14:40

'After the world had drowned' is one hell of an attention-getting opener, and it definitely makes me very curious about the rest of the world! :D

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