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The Eternal Night

The Eternal Night is an annual week-long party of extreme indulgence and debauchery, held arround the time of the hibernal solstice celebrating the longest nights of the year and methapohricly darkness. It is the flagship event of the seclusive Heptagram Lodge offering a high profile line-up of Techno Dystopia, Dark Tekno and Dark Noise artists in a unique venue with unique vibe for guests to immerse themselfs in. The Event draws a special mix of addicts, hardcore party-goers, neo-occultists, thrill seekers and underworld personalities.
  Occult altars are set up, sacred symbols decorate the walls and rituals of cleansing are performed over the turntables and the dance floor.
  The Eternal Night beginns on the days leading up to the hibernal solstice with an opening cerrimony at the end of which the holo-candles that sparesly illuminate the building are snuffed. Once the cerrimony is completed the fog-shrouded dance floors are opened as the first DJs kick off the party with dark electronic rythms laced with earshredding screeches and earthquaking beats only ever growing intensity as the solstice approches.
  While the abuse of narcotics is already the norm within the Heptagram Lodge, the Eternal Night takes this to a whole other level. While usually drug related activites such as the consumption or trade is confined to the lounges, bathrooms or at least done discreetly, durring the Eternal Night it is utterly omnipresent without any attempt of concealment: people pop pills at the bar, smoke substances and use inhalers on the dancefloor, sniff lines from thier communicators anywheres and so on.
  The climax of the event occurs on the day of the solstice itself, when the festivities of excess are already in full swing. On the day of the solstice and only on this day, the bar will serve the signature "Midnight Kiss", a wicked cocktail of reality-shredding hallucinogens, hyperpotent stimulants and persuasive aphrodisiacs, in plain metal challices.
  The day after the solstice and the overpowering crescendo of the party's climax there is a shift in mood of the event. The near darkness is broken by erratic laser light shows, trippy holograms and disorienting strobe effects while psychedlic and distorted beats spirit away the extremly intoxicated party-goers.
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You haven't been alive yet if you haven't attended an Eternal Night.
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