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Mourning of the Mother

Orgranys has long been cut off from Aytera. The peoples of Orgranys began to celibrate this solemn holiday a few years after the way home was block. Over 1300 years have passed and no has managed to reach Aytera. The festival a combination festival to a degree, because the first ship sent back crashed into the barrier. Its a three day weekend with parades and parties in the modern era, but once it was somber and contemplative. One thing that has not changed is the feast held on the last day, it is an all day affair. The food is brought in through out the day and is held communally. Guards and required workers suck as civil services are brought meals by people who are runners.   Even criminals, factions at war, and enemies set aside their differences on this day because of how much the isolation of Aytera affected the world and everyone is taught about it from an early age.


The isolation of Aytera caused many problems, but the people missed their family back home. This began the somber contemplative rituals of the old days. As the lose became more distant people began to enjoy the days of time to relax and soon the people began to party.


Parties and parades are in order with some popup carnivals until the third day where a day long feast with games and entertainment. Some hold competitions of prowess such as fighting or archery contest.

Components and tools

A model of the ship and a globe of Aytera in a glass glove inscribed with the names of the crew.


Pretty much everyone observes this because of the cultural significance aside from essential workers (guards/police, medics and doctors, firemen, and certain production workers) though they get plenty of breaks to participate.


Remb(14) the third weekend of the month every year

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