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Tercel Triad Syzergy Festival

The sky can bring the Western Continent together. And so can a celebration to span the ages! When the nine celestial bodies align (seven planets and our sun and moon), all Folk feel a surge in their power which last for a few precious hours. During the last Syzergy, we were at war. For the next one, we will celebrate. Luckily for you, I am on the planning committee. Let me share a few details leading up to the Syzergy.
-Headmistress Flutterblink
The Syzergy celestial event takes place only once every 333 years. The last Syzergy was during the Devils’ Storm. So few cultures had reason to celebrate. Before the Storm, Folk were divided. Through the horror of the Storm, Folk joined together and fought back for our homes. The Syzergy gave all Folk the magical surge necessary to defeat the Devils. And it for this reason, the Festival will be the Western Continent’s most important celebration ever.   The Tercel Triad Syzergy Festival will take place in Tifwado City. Folk from all over Western Continent will be traveling there leading up to the event. This means if you are in a Heroic Adventuring League, expect a surge of missions. As of writing this book, we are still in the initial stages of planning, but I can give you some insight in how we will celebrate each day. During the days leading up to the Syzergy, we will honor each of the Eternals.  

Day One

Honors Eschetu - Goddess of War and Peace
The first three days of the festival, the city will fast. On this day, there will be a ceremony which honors the warriors who fell in battle in the Devils Storm. Additionally, we encourage people to make amends with others, so that we can start the next celestial age in Peace.  

Day Two

Honors Chereka - Goddess of Change and Tradition
This is the second fasting day. On this day, we will honor our ancestors, both near and distant. Throughout the city, there will be opportunity for oral storytelling. Families will be encouraged to acknowledge the Path of the Wise and reach out to their ancestors in a celebration of their life.  

Day Three

Honors Menen - Goddess of Law and Mercy
This is the final fasting day. The primary event for this day will be the pardons. As issued by the representative council of Tifwado, a certain number of prisoners will be released from prison. Their crimes erased. On this day of second chances, people will be encouraged to make any confessions to clear their consciences. Of course, it’s important to remember you may have just made amends with somebody. Don’t wait until the new year to forgive somebody who wronged you. Continue the amends spirit!  

Day Four

Honors Taitu - Goddess of Life and Death
This is the first major feast day and when the open air market will open for the festival. Notably, on this day clerics and other healing spellcasters will be encouraged to open up healing services for free, particularly for those who are without funds.  

Day Five

Honors Atkelt - Goddess of Growth and Decay
People will gather in parks and other areas of nature near Tifwado City on the fifth day. Feasting takes place with large picnics and people are encouraged to plant new trees or other plants. A fun family event will be the Living Maze, a enchanted hedge maze, which we will set up in the middle of City Park.  

Day Six

Honors Hirut - Goddess of Devotion and Apathy
This day is devoted to spending time with loved ones. We will encourage gift exchange. Feasts will take place within the homes.  

Day Seven

Honors Nesanet - Goddess of Hard Work and Relaxation
On this day, people will wake up slowly. People will be encouraged to do as little work as possible and The City will have free food and drinks set out for everybody to eat. Musical performances and other creative arts will take place throughout the city. And special tea ceremonies will happen in the afternoon and evening.  

Day Eight

Honors The Trickster, Mamo - God of Honesty and Deceit
This will be a day especially for the children, as this day honors the youngest of the gods. Festival games will be encouraged to reduce their costs. Additionally, this will be a prank day. So start thinking of some harmless, clever pranks to play on others.    

Day Nine

Honors The Elder - God of Creation and Destruction
The final day of the festival. People will wake up early to participate or watch the Folk Parade. Folk from across Adazuri will create elaborate floats that honor their culture. When evening sets and the celestial bodies align, spellcasters will set off celebratory illusions to show their newfound might.
Blending Folk Traditions
Before the Devils’ Storm, we were a divided continent. The way the Syzergy was celebrated differed according to Folk-type. However, we have tried to incorporate some of their practices into the upcoming festival. For example, the Druids of Cicada Swamp would brew various teas that promoted commonality and creativity. This tea ceremony will be included in the Syzergy.  
Other Events
  The increase of people in Tifwado City leads to an increase in tourism industries. In addition to city plans, many organizations have come to us with event proposals. Some include balloon racing through MagiTech Airships, free crittermorph adoptions, and tournmernts for spellcasters, fighters, and crittermorph trainers. thankfully, not all at once.  

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