The Moonless Night

With the two moons, there is almost always one in sight.  A few times a year the sky is dark and ruled only by the stars for one, two or even three nights. On these Moonless Nights we remember the dead. Ancestors may send visions. You may be visited by the dead - beloved, vengeful, angry or insightful.  Because it is a night of the dead we light no fires, burn no lantern or candle to draw unwanted attention.  We call on Najihi, the Dark Stranger, patron of the common people, the small and insignificant and the God of Balance in Death.  We offer cold dishes and uncooked food. On these nights it is also acceptable to fast. We observe the blessing of life and know the Underworld and spirit realm are near.


At dusk all fire and lights are extinguished. People gather at personal and family shrines to seek favor of ancestors. Offerings of cold or uncooked foods are made, or a ritual meal is held for the family - living and dead.  The favor of Najihi is sought.  The Little Eater reminds all that the one sure destiny is the grave for the great and the lowly both.  Those with heavy hearts or in fear of ghostly reprisal might go to the Temple of The Order of Heaven to worship the Dark Stranger and ask the Emperor and priests for aid.


In the dusk and early hours of the night the household, or individuals remember the dead. One tries to be at home or with relatives on these nights.  They tell stories about honored ancestors, lost siblings, parents or relatives who have passed on and companions who have died.  A small bowl or cup of wine or other alcohol may be set out for them and their memory toasted.
  If you are in a strange town you may go to the Temple. Or stay in a common room, in darkness and tell stories about the departed while sharing drinks and cold food. Some prefer to spend the nights in isolation and contemplation.

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10 Jul, 2021 17:45

I love your introduction! It really sets up a somber mood, fitting for a time to remember those who have passed.

11 Jul, 2021 06:00

Thanks for the kind words!