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The Festival of the Moon and Sun

Its impossible to miss the Festival of the Moon and Sun if you live in the Aspaxian Empire. Glowing lanterns fill the skies, revelry occurs all day and night, and magical displays of might light up the twilight skies like fireworks.   All of that, and the fact that the moon is blotting out the sun.   The Festival of the Moon and Sun is, as the name implies, a festival celebrating an eclipse anywhere within the Aspaxian Empire. Since these events are not all that common, occurring only a couple times a decade, the Festival does not only take place on the day or time of the eclipse, but is instead celebrated in the entire week leading up to it.   For Aspax, the eclipse represents a conquering of magic (the sun) by the spell-caster (the moon), a common thread in their mythology. Magic power throughout Aspax is amplified during the brief moments that the eclipse lasts.   The festival starts a week before the eclipse and slowly increases in intensity until the moment arrives. Treats such as red bean pies and lunar-shaped cookies are common and beloved among children and adults alike. Other festival traditions include retellings of ancient stories and fairy-tales, often in the form of drawn out plays and dramas, with actors and puppets! The event is also used to teach children about some of the more powerful magics, as they can briefly use them when the eclipse fully occurs, without needing the full and proper power and training to do so.   The most rare possible Festival of the Moon and Sun coincides with the Greatest Tournament. When this occurs, the event is restructured so that the final duel of the tournament as the eclipse reaches its zenith. Very few still alive have witnessed such an event, and none forget it, as it displays the two most powerful people on the continent battling at the full strength of their magical power.

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