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Great Moneyyan Eclipse

When the Moon of Moneyee falls in line with its sun, the Jeraci mourn

The Great Moneyyan Eclipse is a ceremony and festival undertaken by the residents of Moneyye during Solar eclipses. It is a mourning ceremony, relating to those we have lost. It is one of the largest ceremonies undertaken on the planet, and has spread to many of the planets under the control of the 4th Empire of Jerace. Small ceremonies have also been held in the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, and the Kingdom of Apreas during their own eclipses, but due to public stigma against the Jeraci, these ceremonies are often obstructed by protesters and the government. The Kingdom of Apalachi is the only other major power that regularly has similar ceremonies take place.   The most infamous of all the Great Moneyyan Eclipses was the one held during the anniversary of the founding of the 1st Empire of Jerace in 4729 (April 25th)commissiontemporarily
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