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Century Festival

Every hundred years, the Comet of Victorious approaches earth the nearest, visible in the sky for at least two weeks. As a rare phenomenon, it becomes a milestone event for the people in South Estisia that a once-in-a-lifetime festival has to be held during the whole period of its existence.


This tradition was originated from Empire of Kritus, though no first date has been recorded. Nevertheless, it then descend to its former provincial states such as Valonia Empire and Kingdom of Ohun, which they celebreate to a century-anniversery of their nation, in which has been held regionally 4 and 2 times sequently.

The tradition was also spreading and associating to the Holy Land of Lumus. They believe that during the time, Luum is visitting the Earth and meet his followers.


The festival will be held two days after the comet is first sighted. All jobs will be held at night to gaze at the beauty of the comet, as well as to attend the feast and play. Some Luumism followers might be gathering in the city of Lumus to do worshipping ritual. And most importantly, no war is declared.

The festival officially ends when the comet fade into the horizon.


Initially, the arrival of the comet can be predicted by the specific mechanism which has been used by Valonian. Nevertheless they can do it manually - by counting from the year passed since the last one for hundred years, and then looking for the night purple engulfed the sky by "the biggest, brightest star with the purple trail"

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The Elder Among the Star

It's rare but possible that in a lifetime, a person could be old enough to see the comet twice. They are beloved and respected by the community, and sometimes they would be honored by younglings as the figure of longevity.

You and What Omen?

Every comet sight means special. Many historical events ever happened or recorded in the South Estisia were associated by this celestial body, especially what could've been some kind of a turning tide. Depending on which point of view, this could be either blesses - or curses.

Comet of Victorious
Geographic Location | Jul 8, 2020

The once-in-a-lifetime celestial visual.

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10 Aug, 2021 21:59

I like how no wars take place during this time of wonder. Are there any specific celebrations or side events that take place during the festival other than gazing? Like special foods or music?

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Certainly! The once-in-a-lifetime event required the once-in-a-lifetime moments :)