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The 13th Lunar Month Festival

Annually at the turn of the year, a celebration by Fomorian women takes place called the Lunar New Year. The moon, Cethlenn has a, roughly 30 day cycle and goes through, approximately, 12 cycles in a year. Though the lunar year is only 359 days 57 minutes and 36 seconds long, the orbit of Elatha around Balor's Eye is exactly 360 days. So each year, the moon Cethlenn loses 23 hours 2 minutes and 24 seconds, or approximately a day. So, since the year is marked by 12, 30 day lunar cycles, the sisters celebrate the passing of 12 lunar cycles approximately 1 day earlier each year for 30 years then resets to line up again with a 2 day festival marking the 13th lunar month occuring on the Vernal Equinox.

This Festival is considered especially blessed by Cethlenn and trysts will often wind up with issue. Fomorian women are usually quite happy to forgive the infidelities of their husbands, so long as they pretend not to notice theirs. It is due to this Festival that many bloodlines are spread out, quite deliberately by the priestesses, and it is not unusual for Dagan Doomspear's third wife to bear him a litter with a suspicious resemblance to Galrak Bloodaxe, whom Dagan has never met.

The Festival is marked by fireworks and feasting, fighting and fornicating (the three "F"s of young orc men) and marks the openning of the Equinox Games once every 30 years.


The Festival has its roots in the foundations of the Sisterhood of the Den Mother and became a popular public festival in the reign of Keltar Bloodfist, in 61 FTF at the 3rd recorded 13th month celebration, when Keltar declared it an Imperial Holiday.

Since then, the priestesses have conducted the festival every 30 years, roughly once a generation.


There is no actual dogma surrounding the Festival but priestesses and wives are encouraged to "be receptive" of masculine attention and most Fomorian women are incredibly fertile during these couple days. Indeed such has been recorded of virgins who got pregnant by a man ejaculating onto her upper thigh. All children conceived during 13th month are considered blessed by Cethlenn and a few famous Cethlennites such as Carsus the Chosen, Vlad Bloodfist and Karrinbyna Bloodfist were conceived during 13th Month.

Components and tools

Lubricant, both moral and physical can be useful. Condoms (though they are remarkably unreliable during this festival) and Birth Control for those wishing to hook up without worrying about children.


THe Mistress of Ceremonies opens the festival with a ritual to Cethlenn and closes the celebration with another similar ritual. Priestesses are responsible for insuring all who come to participate in the ritual receive proper nourishment in the form of Fertility blessed Moon Cakes and Woodruff infused mead.
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