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Torõrutsuki Festival

Careful now, just put the boat into the water. Last thing we want is for you to be reeled up to the moon and become a star up there.
— Mother warning her children

Torõrutsuki festival is a lunar festival celebrated in the northern regions of Zipangu every year, mainly during the first crescent moon of the 8th month. It mainly is a festival in worship of the deity Torõrutsuki, who the festival is named after.

The origins lie in a small myth surrounding Torõrutsuki lake, when the goddess tried to fish during the crescent phase of the months. However, with no lights to see, she pulled anything and anyone from across, until a fisherman installed some lights around her lake. From then on, she was capable of fishing every so often, reeling in fish that would become new stars.

During the festival, local towns, especially fishertowns, celebrate through many types of fish-themed dishes and offerings. Regular theatre and street performances are common, with there being also numerous amount of people who go out fishing at the docks. There are also several types of fishing-based games, often fishing prices out of barrel.

At the end of the festival, many also pay a visit to Torõrutsuki lake, where they leave behind a gift. Often a small boat-shaped basket with small gifts, offerings and food for Torõrutsuki, including a handle for her to reel the gifts in from.

In some households, it's then also the custom to surprise any children in the morning with a small gift, often put in a small basket with a fishhook put into the side of it.

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Additional traditions

There are many other ways that people like to celebrate this festival, even for a few fishermen who are at sea and want to pay an offer to Torõrutsuki. Such common offer is also letting a small gift boat float upon the waves, often illuminated with a small candle on top so that she might see it in the ocen.

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