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Opening the Penumbra (OWE-puh-nihng thuh Puh-nuhm-bruh)

While rare, the rotation of Solia and its moon Elolla occasionally result in a full solar eclipse. These moments have significance to many different cultures, but holds a particular importance to the followers of Eclipse, who celebrate the Opening of the Penumbra and The Nameless Shadow uses the solar eclipse to spread their madness into the world, often taking advantage of the Hungry Shadow's faithful to bolster its own power.


During the solar eclipse, many agents of the great evils see an opportunity to breach the veil to the Penumbra.  While this typically results in the conjuration of shadow denizens and attempts to bring Eclipse into the world, The Nameless Shadow exerts its will upon practitioners of darkness, leading to individual and mass suicides as its madness seeps through into the world.


The faithful gather atop high places, such as mountaintops, towers, or hills in attempts to be closer to the eclipse.   Most notably, in 1525 the Black Circle attempted to open a portal to the Penumbra atop the Arcanum Institute in Thaimi. The Great Shadow himself was halfway through the portal when it was closed by a group of heroes.

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