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The Nameless Shadow

Inspired by Lakota mythology of Unk Cekula / Unktehila/Unhcegila/etc.
The Nameless Shadow is a serpentine creature that was responsible for many unexplained disappearances and deaths; a primitive deity created by the cast-off effects of the magic used by the Progenitors to form the world.   She was described at first as having no real shape or form; she had eyes of fire and a fanged mouth that was shrouded in a smoky or cloudy mass. As time went on further, her form was exposed as being massive, with a long scaly body whose natural armor was almost impenetrable. Her eyes burned with wrathful hunger, her claws were like iron, and her voice raged like thunder rolling in the clouds. Whoever who looked upon her immediately went blind and insane, then die on the fourth day.   Her weakness was said to be the seventh spot on her head, behind which a flashing red crystal lies within, which functioned as her heart. To kill her, one has to shoot a medicine arrow at it. This crystal was much sought after by many warriors, as it grants its bearer great power.   Worshiped by madmen, outcasts, and anarchists, the Nameless Shadow is an entity of chaos.

Divine Domains

Chaos, Liberation, Madness, Earth, Smoke (Fire)

Tenets of Faith

Pure chaos exists in all things; the maelstrom of change and possibility. Nothing is a given but everything is a given; everything and nothing is possible.


The Nameless Shadow has no holy days.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The Nameless Shadow has no goals, offers no boons or curses, and favors no one being over another. Her goals are unknown, even to Herself.
Divine Classification
Lesser Deity
Chaotic Neutral
Ruled Locations


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