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The Deep Pits

The Deep Pits (Ezirandi: پرتگاه, Pertguah or Abyss) is a nebula located outside the planetary orbit of Solia and its moon Elolla.   The Deep Pits is known as a maelstrom of chaotic energy, home to The Nameless Shadow.  Thus far, no terrestrial observers have been able to identify any means of traveling to the Deep Pits.   A black hole sits at the center of The Deep Pits, churning and constantly devouring the nebula, without ever reducing its size.

Localized Phenomena

Time and physics as understood by terrestrial scholars have no bearing on The Deep Pits. It exists, in so far as it can be observed, as a place of unbridled chaos. It has no constraints but those it makes for itself and exists outside of any measurable sense of time.   Some scholars have theorized that The Deep Pits is sentient due to a semblance of conscious thought when the region changes itself, while others counter this theory by stating that conscious thought runs contrary to the concept of chaos.
Galactic Nebula


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