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Pemulangan Zuhal

Translated as Saturn Return, this is a yearly festival now celebrated on small scale by specific tribes and villages in the northern states of the Glowing Lands. It is opened to anyone between the ages of 27 to 32, and is often said to be the start of "truly knowing yourself and your destiny" for most young adults. On rare occasions, the Festival may be celebrated or observed by those between 54-61. The festival is often observed in the zodiac of the village's founding date, so it may be possible to find a Saturn Return festival happening throughout the year.  


Depending on the village, the yearly Pemulangan Zuhal festival takes place anywhere from a day to a month throughout the entire year. According to local folklore, it is a day for meditation and reassessing personal goals and dreams. For many youths, it is also a reminder to take stock of their journey and to step forward into adulthood.   A village located near the Zebra Dove River in the state of the Banyan, actually keeps journals for every inhabitant who has ever stayed in their village, even for a night. Many parents and families keep similar journals as well, with the child being encouraged to keep their own as soon as they learn to write. When the child turns 27, a copy of the journals kept by the village and the parents are handed over to the child. The child is encouraged to read these journals before burning them in a ritual during the actual Pemulangan Zuhal festival. Some take very little time to read through the journals, burning it by the end of the week-long festival the same year they are handed. Others can take far longer to do so, but in that village, one is not considered and adult until they do so.   For those who do not burn these journals, they are considered children and immature, and traditional family rights will not be passed down to them. However, should their own children do so, then the rights that would have passed down to the parents are passed down instead to the child. This customary law was put in place when several Saturn Return people died after receiving their journals but before they could burn the journals with their own hands. As they had children, this task was passed down to their descendants.  


Some villages have discovered a way turn this festival into a tourist attraction. Villages which have day- and week-long festivities offer staycations and many business opportunities during this time. Tourists and self-seekers can book these staycations and experience a "authentic Saturn return", with respect to the age limits mentioned. Most villages require birth charts in addition to the usual deposit for these festivities - these will be used to calculate a potential visitor's approximate Saturn return date to ensure authenticity. During this festival, the village is usually closed to outsiders, which means the tourist can also experience up to an extent, life back in the "old days" before electricity, as the entire village switches to oil lamps and fire torches for the duration of the festival.   The village of Qilah has one of the most intense celebrations of Saturn Return, including a midnight ritual where Saturn Return celebrants are taken to a waterfall at nightfall, navigating only by sense of touch. It is said to mimic the experience of being reborn, as celebrants will then wash themselves under the waterfall before proceeding back to the village by another route that gradually lights up, symbolising their stepping into adulthood. Each person may only complete this ritual and attend this festival once.

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