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Ruh Island

Located in the centre of the Haan Archipelago, in between Stunveldt to its west, Thaur at its north, Karte at the east and the dangerous Savage Isles at its south, Ruh is a beautiful island full of city-states with an ancient culture and traditions, that managed to charm even the reclusive Stunveldti before anybody else.   Ruh is a place of peculiar scalies with a deep and rich history and culture, and of many biomes, towns and riches.  


Ruh is a tropical island of sparse jungles with steep terrain and a small mountainous stretch in the middle peppered with mildly active small volcanoes.   The northwest area of the island is covered in a much denser jungle, while the eastern area gets a bit more arid. While the northern coast as well as Dry Island enjoy delightfully sandy beaches, much of the southern half is more steep and has rockier coasts.   Ruh does not contain any white forests or very big lakes, however its mountains provide it with an ample supply of small streams of fresh water.
The Haan Archipelago
Portrait of Danae, a holding his peace bird pen and a book containing a map
Danae by Naelin
The cartographer Danae from the City of Birdland in Thaur was commissioned to draw a map of the Haan Archipelago for the second edition of The Book of the Habits and Beasts, published in the 3rd of Birthing, 3 E.Ru.   Danae took advantage of the enclyclopaedia's team of researchers to gather precise information and went himself into research expeditions to survey remote areas. His work resulted in what is considered the most accurate and widespread map of the Archipelago to this day, which details even most of the coasts of the Savage Isles.

Dry Island

At the northeast of the main island of Ruh there is a landmass around 25km across known as Dry Island.
This zone is occupied by a big settlement known just as "The Island", and it is a beautiful land of warm beaches and fine sand.   The area lost a bit of its attractiveness after the settling of the Irates in the neighbouring island to the north, as the waters in the canal became a dangerous zone to traverse.  

Natural Riches

Native Fauna

Cuppat by Naelín
The denser jungle on the northwest coast of Ruh is one of the only places where the elusive cuppat can be found, bringing a great source of income for the locals.
Hapists, legars and hirschmalls are some of the other characteristic creatures that can be found in the island.  

Native Flora

Ruh is home to the night leaf, a beautiful tree of green and black leaves that produces nuts known for their aphrodisiac properties, usually sold under the name of "Enhancer Nut" or "Delicious Nut".


The mountains on the island, especially in the southwest area, are rich in deep veins of turquoise, that show prominently in the jewellery and architecture of the island, especially in the Cyan Stone City, named after these rocks.

The people of Ruh

Flag of Ruh
The societarians of Ruh are a nation of decentralized city-states that rule themselves with the command of an elected official known as the RuhRic.
When island-wide decisions need to be taken, a council is gathered in the Cyan Stone City, the biggest settlement on the island.   The Ruhks are almost entirely conformed of scaly societarians, vastly different in culture and identity than those from Karte.   They are famous for their knowledge of astronomy and for their naming ceremonies, where the "child name" of a person is replaced by their unusual "adult names" chosen by the RuhRic at the age of 24 and formed by a short sentence that describes the person's traits.
It is also remarkable that, for centuries, the Ruhk were the only people allowed to visit, trade and exchange knowledge with the Stunveldti, the residents of the neighbouring island that stayed "closed" to outsiders until 2586 E.Alz.
Ruh Island by Naelin
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