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He Pulls like a Magnetar

This article discusses topics of slavery.
  An older man, of inscrutable eyes and amicable character, native from the Ruh Island, named after his ability to make people feel attracted to his personality, and for his apparently infinite network of contacts across the island, is one of the few known survivors from the slave trade of the Savage Isles.  

Physical Aspect

Pulls is a scaly societarian of pink land iguana phenotype.
His skin is strikingly pink with some dark markings, contrasted by small, round, light blue eyes that are almost entirely veiled.
He is stout, has a thick tail, and wears traditional robes, sometimes with head adornments in the shape of horns.  


Ruh Island by Naelin
Pulls was born in Ruh and started his life as a friendly and witty kid.
His gaze always felt hard to decipher for some people who would in turn consider him intimidating, but most found him warm, pleasant, and above everything trustworthy.  

Naming Ceremony

Originally named "Pink" for his skin colour, Pulls received his definitive name as per Ruhk naming traditions at 24 years old, the age the Ruhks consider the character of a person to be solidified.   Pulls' naming ceremony was an event that was talked about for days in his hometown:
After all the customary preparations and interviews, the RuhRic of the town revealed in the big moment that Pink "Pulls like a magnetar", referring to how most people felt infatuated by his charisma and would approach him for help in the most diverse tasks or to become friends.  
Weavers' Wool by Naelín
Though nobody would put to doubt the RuhRic's argument, the suspicions that some people already had about the young man's ability got stirred by this naming decision, which many considered inappropriate.
Gossip escalated into direct accussations that the name would "set him on a potentially dangerous path", or on the contrary that it would normalise a potentially manipulative and oppurtunistic behaviour.   Those rumours eventually faded, as he kept being a seemingly exemplar person, and kept a humble lifestyle, giving more than he would ask for.  

The Voyage

By 29, Pulls already managed to make friends all around the Archipelago, and it was rumoured that he would get many requests for help from all around the island and further away.
In one of these ocassions, he went in the direction of the northwest coast of Ruh accompanied by a Dhalmanite man, and told his community he would come back in one or two weeks, but nobody would hear of him for three years.   When Pulls came back, his eyes were veiled and he had lost most of his eyesight, and his body had clear signals of mistreatment and malnutrition.
He refused to disclose what happened, though he eventually would confess to his closest people that he had been captured in the sea by pirates from the Savage Isles and enslaved. He never revealed how he escaped or what happened to the Dhalmanite that went with him.   This traumatic experience far from diminishing him seemed to increase his renown and, though it turned him into a quieter person, he became more secure of himself and kept helping others as much as he would be able to.
Pink land iguana
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Date of Birth
2966 E.Alz
Small, pale blue, and almost entirely veiled
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fine pink scales
Aligned Organization

Cover image: The Weavers network by Naelín
Character Portrait image: Flag of Ruh


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