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The Knowledgeholders

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Originally founded by the Kingdom of Merthiorn and later kept by the Kingdom of Thaur, the Knowledgeholders are a gubernamental organization dedicated to the gathering, cataloguing and safe-keeping of information in the form of books, manuscripts, sheet music, reccounting, field notes, or any other form of recording, from any topic that is deemed worthy of preserving.  



The Knowledgeholders were created in the year 2605 E.Alz in the City of Spire, making them probably the oldest existing educational organization in the Haan Archipelago.      

The Majestic Library of Goldwaste



Endorsement by the Kingdom of Tahur



The Knowledgeholders have as their symbol a Peace Bird handing out a job contract while sat on a bed of its feathers. As quills made with the moulted (never plucked) feathers of peace birds are widely considered to bring good luck to writers, this crest symbolises providing opportunities to scholars and writers to produce knowledge to be preserved.
Peace bird quills are a often gifted by Knowledgeholder officials to their agents as symbols of endorsement, gratitude or continued support.   Having been the pride of the Merthiornite kingdom, Knowledgeholder officials were made to wear black and golden uniforms, used in most Merthiornite monarquist regalia, which they wear with pride. After the fall of Merthiorn and the acquisition by Thaur, they were allowed to keep those colours, which can be seen to this day.  






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