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by Naelin
The Knowledgeholders organization, a gubernamental body from the Kingdom of Thaur dedicated to the gathering, cataloguing and safe-keeping of information from all kinds of recordable formats, topics and origins, employs many people both directly and indirectly through gubernamental appointment in the first case, and freelancing contractors in the second.   Those appointed by the kingdom are known as Knowledgeholders themselves, a title considered honourable and a source of pride for the person and their family.  



Duties & Responsibilities

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As the pride of the Merthiornite kingdom, Knowledgeholder officials were made to wear black and golden uniforms, the colours used in most Merthiornite monarquist regalia, which they wear with pride.
After the fall of Merthiorn and the acquisition by Thaur, many Knowledgeholders requested to keep the symbols of their professions, and the Thaurian government allowed them to keep their uniforms and its colours, which can be seen to this day.   The uniforms are typically a two piece set of black trousers and black shirts tailored to be well closely fit to the body shape of the wearer.
The trousers have little decoration other than a belt with a golden loop.
The shirt, in contrast, is finely decorated with golden borders in the collar, front opening, lower edge and on the shoulders, as well as two vertical golden lines across the chest. The shoulders are built so that they expand on top and to the sides of the sleeves a couple of centimetres. At the tip of the sleeves, an extra piece with ruffles in the front and back divided by a streak of golden metallic ovals.
Crest of the Knowledgeholders
Academic, Professional
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