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Rosscot Nouverre

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Rosscot was born in 2952 E.Alz in the Republic of Dhalmain.  

Physical aspect

Rosscot is a feathery societarian woman of aplomado falcon phenotype with a big and imposing figure.
She has yellow hands and legs, and a dark grey-brown coat of feathers with an orange-brown chest and face, with some beautiful white markinns in the chin and tail.  



Early History


The Camp

Rosscot set out south on 18th of Harvesting of 2981 E.Alz leading a team of 54 people and 18 alzufhar.   The voyage lasted for a bit over a day, slowed by the careful scouting of the seas to ensure no encounters with the hostile people of the Savage Isles.
Once the group arrived at the northest tip of the first uncharted island, they anchored their ships on a well concealed bay and immediately went on to search for a good location to settle.   Their camp started out as a couple of tents and grew over two years, as the team built more permanent structures.   Rosscot's team drew maps, and brought native plants and creatures back to Dhalmain with a stream of ships transporting resources and information back and forth.   On the 10th of Singing, 2983, the communication with the camp was lost. Any ships sent failed to return and nothing was received in Dhalmain. Eventually news were received that a small vessel managed to approach the coast close enough to find that the port and the camp were nowhere to be found. Some successful attempts at reaching the island again found no trace of the base or its inhabitants, including Rosscot. She was never heard of again.  


The tale of Rosscot earned her the naming of the entire island they explored, which became known as Rosscot Island.
Aplomado Falcon
Current Status
Unknown, presumed to be dead
Date of Birth
2952 E.Alz
Autonomism (Temple of Primarite)
Founded Settlements

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