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Alcholoh by NaelĂ­n


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Towering Watcher by Naelin
The Alcholohs are gigantic birds endemic to the island of Karte.   They have a bald neck and head with no beak, a long tail with an arrowhead tip, and a feathered body with a light brown coloration, on the top part, white on the bottom, and dark brown at the dorsal side of the wings. Around the base of the neck they have two collars of soft feathers: a small white one followed by a bigger yellow one. When the alcholoh stands in the ground or nest, they use part of their wings to support their weight, as their feet are small and weak.   They can reach 6 meters in wingspan and fly for hours at high altitudes, but despite their intimidating appearance they are scavengers that search for dead bodies with their impressive eyesight.  


The alcholoh's habitat extends through all of the mountain chain east of this island, and to the Chalk Expanse in the north. They nest on inaccesible ledges on the mountains, but they prefer the treetops of the towering watchers, a massive tree found only in the Chalk Expanse.  


All alcholohs develop darker markings on their faces, but once males reach sexual maturity, their markings turn into complex designs in bright yellow and blue that they use to attract a female.
This species is almost exclusively monogamous and mates for life, laying an egg every 2 or 3 years during the month of Sowing. The eggs hatch in around two months during the month of Birthing, and its parents will take care of the baby for the following 3 years.

The Kartian bird

Karte Flag
Flag of Karte by Naelin
The Kingdom of Karte bears the alcholoh as their national creature and show it on their flag alongside the head of a gnaw.
While the alcholoh is technically considered a pactual species, able to form pacts with others, they rarely get close to societarians and have never made a pact with the Kartians, so their relation is mostly of mutual respect, and of awe on the side of the Kartians, that sometimes travel just to try to see one of them.
Distribution of alcholohs in the archipelago by Naelin
Am I birb?
Or am I snek?
I do not know
Confused as heck
Should I hiss
Or should I hoot?
Never mind
I boop the snoot
— Maddy
Pactual Species
50 years
Average Weight
Average Length
~4.5m wingspan
~3m head to tail
Geographic Distribution
Towering Watcher
Species | Jun 10, 2022

The tallest tree in the archipelago, which inhabits only the Chalk Expanse in the island of Karte

Alcholohs by Catoblepon

Cover image: Alcholoh by Naelin


Author's Notes

Thanks Catoblepon for accidentally contributing with the name for this birb and for her drawing, and thank you Maddy, Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull's amazing wife, for her wonderful bredlik poem!

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