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White Forests

20210310 - Towering Watcher.png
Towering Watcher by Naelin
Scattered across the many islands of the Haan Archipelago, small patches of land make a clear divide in the terrain: Lush colorful forests and grasslands suddenly lose colour, giving place to an entirely white landscape.   While the reason behind this phenomenon is debated, it is certainly related to an inability for coloured plants to grow in the soil of the area: All attempts to do so have failed, and even planting fully grown green plants into a white forest's soil caused the almost immediate death of the plant.   Among the white forests, the Chalk Expanse is the biggest, most impressive and most famous.
Located in the north half of the island of Karte, it spans around 32000 square kilometres of massive white trees, fog and waterfalls in a massive, humid, dense terrain.  

Life in a white forest

While flowers and fruits still can (and do) have vibrant colours, all of the plant species that grow in these areas have trunks, stems and leaves that are bright white, generally fading into a pale lilac on the most "colourful" areas or when the white woodlands are appreciated from a distance.   Fungi are not affected by the terrain, and so they give scattered specs of colour to the white forests, though some of them have adapted to be white as camouflage in the bigger formations.   Lots of creatures, especially those originated in the Chalk Expanse, have adapted to these forests by becoming completely white or learning other tricks to disappear among the monochrome plants.


Most of the so-called "white fauna" originated in the Chalk Expanse, and many moved on to inhabit other environments.   Most well known is the case of the hirschmall, which originated probably in one of the western islands but has moved on to inhabit most of the archipelago.  
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Herald's Gnaw by NaelĂ­n
Another prime example is the herald's gnaw, a species of gnaw that inhabits solely white forests and snowy areas, and gets its name for its wide use as a symbol in flags and shields, such as in the Kingdom of Merthiorn.   The Licern, originated in the white forests of Thaur island, has been long since domesticated by the societarian and spread across most settlements on the west side of the archipelago.


The flora of the white forests has grown diverse and successful.
Due to the scarcity of the white forest areas and the extreme difficulty to grow these plants on normal soil, no white plants have been domesticated by societarians, though many of them are harvested in the wild for food, medicines or to make perfumes.  
20210310 - Towering Watcher.png
Towering Watcher by Naelin
The most famous of white forest plants is the towering watcher, the biggest tree in the entire archipelago which grows only in the Chalk Expanse in Karte.
They can reach 140 meters high and have a 10 meters wide trunk. Their delicious fruits and their wood is harvested from the ground, but they are never cut down.   Other popular white plants are the dream of rocks and the wind descent, the first being a creeping plant growing in the rockier areas, the second a vine with long hanging stems that grow lots of small light blue flowers that produce a delicious, fresh aroma.
Chalk Expanse
Geographic Location | Dec 13, 2022

The biggest forest in the archipelago, house of the biggest tree, bird and waterfall.

Towering Watcher
Species | Jun 10, 2022

The tallest tree in the archipelago, which inhabits only the Chalk Expanse in the island of Karte

Species | Dec 23, 2023

The big all-teeth-no-bite scavenger of the archipelago

Herald's Gnaw
Species | Feb 7, 2023

A pactual predator that lives in snowy areas and white forests, very popular as a crest of families and organizations.

Cover image: White Forests by Naelin


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Jan 1, 2022 23:50 by Laure Yates

Your white trees are beautiful! I also really enjoyed reading about the fauna and flora of the white forest. Great job! It was such a nice idea to make a monochrome forest - I wonder why it is white, such a mystery!

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A creative idea! I like that you went into some detail on how flora and fauna have adapted to these areas! I think I'd really like to hear about how sapient folk interact with, mythologize, and otherwise think about the white forests, too!

Jan 30, 2022 17:34 by Chi

Very cool concept with white trees and the effect that it has on the ecosystem, flora and fauna.