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Tesel of Merthiorn

Queen Tesel Of Merthiorn

Daughter of Queen Onnamar and King Thinamy, Tesel was the last queen of the Kingdom of Merthiorn, and her death to the rust marked the start of the Era of Rust in the Haan Archipelago.  

Physical aspect

Tesel was a furry societarian of maned wolf phenotype, tall, thin, and long legged.
She had a strong orange coat with white patches in the face and tip of her tail, and black forearms, hands, feet and mane, as well as a smaller black V-shaped patch of black on her chest, and a beautiful black mane behind her head.   She had a severe expression and a confident pose, and was generally regarded as being very attractive for both her looks and her confidence.  


Flag of Merthiorn by Naelin
Tesel was born in the city of Spire, then the capital of Merthiorn named after a previous queen several generations up.   She was the sole child of Queen Onammar and King Thinamy, and was very doted by her mother.
Onnamar died in 2960 E.Alz, making Tesel the new queen when she was 24 years old.   She married Illmos, a Merthiornite aristocrat, and had three children with him, the oldest of them named Virgilim, who would become the Honourable Prince of Red Crest.   She was considered a successful mandate and was generally liked by her people, who found her to be a strong leader, besides her sometimes capricious endeavours.

Raising the City of Goldwaste

10 years before Tesel was born, her mother started the construction of a city in the middle of the mountain range of the island, intended to become the new capital of the kingdom.   The project lasted 35 years, during which Onnamar progressively passed the project on to the princess.
Tesel had the honour of naming the new city, for which she took the negative comments the royal family were receiving about the project and turned it into a defiant name: The City of Goldwaste.   Unfortunately, Onnamar died a year before the completion of the city, so it was Tesel who inaugured the new capital, and she did so by moving the entire royal family to it with a spectacular procession.   Goldwaste lasted for 53 years as the capital before The High Rust came.

The children of Tesel

Heroforge Virgilim.PNG
Virgilim by Naelin
Tesel had three children, from eldest to youngest: Virgilim, Eigaler and Ieuan, the first a boy and the other two, girls.   As female rulers were the tradition in Merthiorn, Tesel raised Eigaler to become the new queen after her, but Virgilim, whom Tesel was said to have a special appreciation for, received the control of the Red Crest Islands, a colony of Merthiorn north of them, in 2976 E.Alz for his 14th birthday.   In 2985 E.Alz, for Virgilim's 23rd birthday, Tesel "gifted" him the Red Crest Islands, turning the colony into an independent principality, though it was a public secret that Virgilim's close relationship with his mother made Red Crest never be outside Merthiornite control.  

The Rust

Corrosion by NaelĂ­n
In the month of Reaping of 3014 E.Alz, a phenomenon known as The High Rust covered the entirety of the lands in the Haan Archipelago with a layer of orange air that seemed to float around 20 meters from the ground level, and that would creep into anything that sat in too much of a slope, such as towers, trees or mountains, including the entirety of the City of Goldwaste.   Anything that came in contact with the orange, especially for long periods, had a chance of developing Rust, a terrible condition where orange, scaly patches would corrode the surface and eat into whichever material laid down, including wood, rock or flesh.
The Merthiornite royal family, living at the high altitude of Goldwaste, was devoured by the rust.
Princess Eigaler was the first casualty of the family and died within days of showing the first signs.
Tesel was devastated by the loss, but it would soon be her turn: on the 20th of Celebrating, 3014 E.Alz, at 5 in the afternoon, Tesel died after a short agony.   Soon after, the rest of the family followed her fate, sparing only Virgilim that miraculously passed the event without being affected by the rust, in his palace in the City of Vythlan.   The death of Tesel was the first loss of a governor to the High Rust, and just months later, it was decided that this event would mark the end of the Era of Alzufhar, giving its place to the Era of Rust.

What came after

Shield of Thaur
Shield of Thaur by Naelin
The death of Merthiorn's royal family and the destruction of the capital, alongside most of its population (Mostly conformed by the kingdom's biggest aristocrats, merchants, and military leaders) marked the fall of the Kingdom of Merthiorn.   Five months later, the headless nation received back a merchant called Naelin that bought with him a tame and loyal tetsu. The desperate people, in front of this feat never seen before, clung to the hope of the tetsu's protection and hastily crowned the merchant as the first monarch of the new Kingdom of Thaur.


"Because I can"
— Queen Tesel of Merthiorn
Maned Wolf
Chaotic Neutral
Date of Birth
15th of Preparing, 2936 E.Alz
Date of Death
20th of Celebrating, 3014 E.Alz
Circumstances of Death
Corroded by rust
Place of Death
Aligned Organization
Related Plots
Founded Settlements
Ruled Locations

Cover image: Merthiorn Banner by Naelin
Character Portrait image: Queen Tesel by Naelin


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Ugh, the Rust. *shudder*   Tesel seems as though she was quite a good ruler. Her special consideration for her son is interesting, considering the tradition of female rulers. :)

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