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Purple Jelly

This article contains adult topics.
Ever since this use of the bland, boring berries of the Mark of the Teen plant (Known until then as just "Purple Berry Vine") was discovered, its use expanded like wildfire all through of the archipelago, being now one of the most common items to be found in any household.   A bit less than two centuries ago, the inhabitants of the island of Larea found that jellies made with these berries were slippery and took long to dry, and then figured out that applying said jelly to their genitals before intercourse made it lots better.
The purple jelly got popular in no time, and started being sold to other islands.
  Due to the plant's specific needs that make it difficult to grow in other islands (And despite the the rise of new, more resistant variants) Larea is still sustaining itself largely thanks to the production of Mark of the Teen related products.   The lube got variants in density, texture and even flavour, but all of them have the same downside: They leave very hard to clean purple stains.

The purple

"That one can't keep their dick on their pants. I bet they're all purple from the waist down"
The gigantic popularity of the purple jelly lubes and the stains it leaves made the colour purple be associated with sexual acts across all of the archipelago.   Terms such as "The purple", "Purple pants" and "Purple night" impregnated the archipelago's culture, and places like brothels and some houses of pleasures now use purple decorations to signal their services.
Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a time before the colour had this meaning.   It is imbued in theater, language, clothing and sometimes the daily life of adults (and certainly the nightstands of most of them) and the mark that it has left would be difficult to clear from the archipelago.
In everyone's house
Soft, very pleasant
Very mild berries
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Mark of the Teen
Species | Nov 22, 2022

A plant with deep purple berries used commonly to make a reliable intimate lube


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